Handcase Launches Gune Search for Android

Brazilian company Handcase has devised a new way to conduct searches on your Android device. It’s called Gune, and it consults Google and Bing for the most popular results. Ricardo Garay, CEO of Handcase, explains their goal, “To optimize the time of the user and to provide a superior experience with search.”

So, what does all this mean for you? Well, if you do a lot of searching on your Android device, this might be helpful. It narrows down search results by only using 2 search engines. Please keep in mind that this is a website, not an app. As much as you (and I) would like to see such an interesting app hit the Market, it remains a website.  Assuming a strong enough data connection, a web app shouldn’t be an issue. For now, it’s only available in English, but Ricardo has assures us that Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian versions are underway.

If you get a chance to check this out, let us know! We are really interested to know what you Android fanatics think of it!

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  1. Nightly Business Report
    October 12, 07:50 Reply

    I hope gune is a good feature but the important is, it is appreciated by the target market,that increase the sale of the Brazilian company handcase.

  2. business financing loan
    October 14, 09:01 Reply

    Well it will be beneficial for all as it’s only available in English, but Ricardo has assures us that Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian versions are underway.

  3. Mykalai Kontilai
    October 14, 13:58 Reply

    Unlike other meta-search engines, Gune is the only mobile search with results on one page, put in list of ten results per search engine. its great to use it

  4. Todd Cable
    October 21, 23:49 Reply

    Good blog! I liked the information you contained in it. I would have never discovered this web site if I did not find it Googling random things!

  5. Dave Stubbe
    January 17, 04:03 Reply

    Well This goal here was to optimize the time of the User and aims to provide a superior experience with search…

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