Hulu Plus Announced, Android App Imminent

Hulu has pulled the curtain back on their new $10/month Hulu Plus service which brings all your favorite episodes from all your favorite shows. You can read the press release over at the Hulu blog but the bottom line is this: ABC, NBC, and FOX shows on demand, pretty much anywhere.  Moving beyond desktops and web browsers, Hulu Plus is already slated for Samsung Blu-ray player and iPads.  Even though they don’t explicitly come out and say it, they are working on bringing the service to Android devices (phones, Google TV).  How do we know?  First off, the blog announcement plays coy when naming support for future devices.

These are the devices shipping with Hulu Plus today. But this is just the first step in our mission to bring you TV wherever you are. We are already hard at work on porting Hulu Plus to other devices and platforms, with PlayStation 3 coming soon. But that’s a story for another day.

Further, when you sign up for an invitation, the first thing you are asked is what kind of mobile device you are using.  Guess what one of your options are?

Now why would you ask me that, Hulu?

  • LipGloss712

    I have directv and netflix. No thanx.

  • taka

    I love sashimi. No thanx.

  • Rubbinz

    I had an email back and forth with someone that worked for Hulu about a month ago when they started blocking Hulu on Froyo via Flash. I was a bit bitter, that they take the extra step to explicitly block Android. I was told to "sit tight" a solution was in the works. Still a tad bitter I told him I'd sit loose and BitTorrent instead. When the go out of their way to block specific web capable devices, I'll respond in kind and go out of my way not to use them.

  • No where do they say they are developing for Android and just because the form asks just means they are gauging interest… Since they have decided as Rubbinz stated to specifically block Froyo/Android users from the flash experience I'll put my money elsewhere…

  • legalmatters

    You know they're "going out of their way" to block mobile devices because they don't have the copyrights for that venue. It's dumb, but if they got sued out of existence then no one wins.

    • crnkyadmin

      But Android is really an operating system that runs on some moble devices… it also runs on some tablet devices that are wi-fi only making them only marginally more moble than a laptop computer. Think of it this way, if someone was using a laptop on a 3g network what would stop them from using Hulu?

  • BigHeat


    Hulu is a joint venture formed by the content providers. They cannot really sue themselves out of existence. Nobody is quite sure why they have such crazy distribution restrictions – none of the platforms have ever had ad skipping so the revenue is still accurately quantifiable.

    Hulu is an interesting beast – self-serving and self-destructive at the same time.

    Personally, I'm waiting until this is available for a set top box like Vudu (won't happen), Xbox (2011?! really?!), or maybe even the Wii. That's just me.

    • hittrj01

      umm… The Playstation 3 is exactly what you are looking for. Now, I understand if you don't have a PS3, but there is already support for a set-top box/game console.

    • Born2golf

      I know I’m a bit late to this thread. It’s currently 9/20/10 and there is still no word on a hulu android app (but there is one for iPhone now).

      Anyway, I’m writing in response to the settop box request. You can currently get hulu (and i believe hulu plus) on xbox360/PS3/wii without waiting for them to support it natively by using a 3rd party software called playon which is a one time fee and serves all the capable receivers in your home, including other computers and some of the new TVs. It also provides access to a huge variety of other networks that aren’t available via hulu yet. for $30 it is a great deal.

  • Me

    I’ve recently been granted the permission to pay Hulu $9.99 a month after asking for an invite. I well understand the arguments against the paid subscription, namely having to deal with the continued ads and also the totally serviceable (for now) free service that is already provided. I can’t really say the ads bother me, even the prospect of paying to watch them…switch tabs and check your email, the news, facebook, whatever, it doesn’t really bum me out.

    While I’m not in the position of having to count every single penny I should still be scrutinizing every additional luxury expense. I admit I’m under no illusion I can use this to replace my cable service, nor my Netflix membership in the short term, although if I could this would be a no-brainer.

    Long story short an Android application would handily push me over the fence, and I imagine the story is the same for many prospective customers. I was almost to the point of canceling my Sirius XM membership but now I use the hell out of the mobile app. If Hulu wants to sell this service to an already dubious market, it has to be as ubiquitous as possible.

  • Gonroven

    Well folks, call me crazy but I went for it. Here is my two cents worth:
    Hulu Plus is just simply amazing. First of all the interface is beautiful and easy. While my Netflix on the PS3 is great, you should see the Hulu Plus interface. It is beautiful. Oh and how about everything coming to me in 720P? Finally Hulu in HD.
    Add to this the deep availability of entire seasons (what’s up with no CBS?) it is a very nice package.
    I can only believe it is going to get better. Especially when they release the Android App.
    Call me crazy for spending 10 bucks a month, but for two starbucks a month I’m watching my favorite TV episodes in HD.
    Love it!

  • James

    I heard a rumor that with shows aired on the paid plan, the producers and actors who made the shows don’t get credit or royalties like they do for re-runs on TV. Has anyone heard if this is true? And will there still be commercials in the paid plan?

  • Tim

    Yes there are still commercials.

  • John

    Soooo want a Hulu Plus Android app now! I dropped Bitbop because they have next to nothing for content. But they do have an Android app now. So Hulu hurry it up.

  • rekerdinker

    not paying 9.99 a month until i can see it on my ANDROID phone…laptop is too heavy to haul around…i can watch FREE lifetime shows and other equally free shows elsewhere all on my ANDROID….get with the program hulu!!!! lol

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  • BastiBaxter

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