Motorola Charm Confirmed as “Basil”, Due Soon?

The Motorola Charm spotted earlier this week has been matched up to the Basil, a handset found in a leaked T-Mobile roadmap from a few weeks back.  Thanks to a recent TmoNews post we can definitely see the form factor of the two match up to each other.  Whether or not Basil is a codename or the final product name remains to  be seen.  Obviously, Charm has a much better ring to it than Basil but you never know with carriers and handset makers.  If the roadmap is still on track, we should see some type of announcement over the next two-three weeks.

  • PeL2k

    The post is correct they are one and the same and Basil is only the code name, I should know I have been testing this phone for a month and a half, the screen is low res but the phone is great size and the keyboard is good.

    • mikeeeee


      looks like an ANDROID 9700.

  • PeL2k

    There was UMA on the first software build I got but it was removed in later builds.