Nokia N900 Gets a Taste of Froyo

While there is still some uncertainty as to what Android devices will be getting Froyo and when, Nokia N900 users can now get their hands on it (well, sort of).   That’s right,  the Nokia N900 has been hacked!

AndroidCentral has reported that the “hackers’ choice” handset has been recently blessed with a half-baked version of Android Froyo 2.2. It isn’t a polished build however; missing key functionality including issues with WiFi connectivity, cell signal, and SD card mounting. Complete or not, from what can be seen in this video it seems to be running pretty smooth!

Anyone want to take a guess as to which non-Android device we will see the little green robot pop up on next?

Source: Android Central

  • theweakend

    I… WANT… SO… BAD…

    (used to love nokia then learned to love htc)

  • wow, nokia N900 really cool, can't wait for use it 🙂

  • eka

    i love nokia N900. that is awesome.. i like it