Full Page NYT Ad Shows Droid X: “Hold the Phone Any Way You Like it”

Take a look at a full-page New York Times ad  featuring the forthcoming Droid X.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but there’s something really awesome about the phone that was overlooked on launch day.  Apparently, the phone is designed in a way that allows the user to decide how to hold it.  Just another example of Android’s freedom of choice.

Hit the jump for a high-resolution version!

Via twitter (Sarah Perez)

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  1. BrandonKernell
    June 30, 19:03 Reply

    YESSS, now I have to get one.

    Hey Verizon Wireless, can we get the introductory price even though we have the Droid 1? I WANT THIS PHONE.

    Oh, and if you do that, that would make you better (err… even better) than AT&T, if thats even possible.

  2. ZacAvery
    June 30, 19:10 Reply

    I *SO* want to upgrade from my DROID 1 too. You know (…and I'm talking to you Verizon) AT&T relaxed many people's "upgrade status" to allow them to buy the iPhone 4 before their contract was actually up – couldn't you do the same to help crush that iPhone POS!?!?

  3. @ryusen
    June 30, 19:17 Reply

    Verizon/Motorola Burns Apple with "HOld it any way you want it add for new Droid.

  4. Mike Bishop
    June 30, 15:32 Reply

    Well that pretty much ensures that Verizon will never get the iPhone.

  5. iHater
    June 30, 19:45 Reply

    "Well that pretty much ensures that Verizon will never get the iPhone."

    And that is a good thing for Verizon's network and customers.

  6. feedle
    July 02, 00:51 Reply

    If only Motorola listened to us DEXT/CLIQ users who are a little POed at being stuck on Android 1.5.

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