Google Docs Viewer for Mobile

Good news is upon us for Google Docs users.  One can now go to from your Android (or other mobile device) browser, and view native Google Docs documents as well as  .pdf, .ppt, and .doc(x) files previously uploaded to your Docs account, in a mobile-optimized viewer.  Unfortunately, editing is still not available, but it is no longer necessary to download the file if a quick glimpse is all you need.

To get the whole story, visit the Google Mobile Blog.

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  1. Amy
    June 30, 13:38 Reply

    You can edit Google Docs in a browser on a computer. Why can't we have it for a mobile browser/app? Phones running Windows Mobile come pre-installed with word mobile which would let you edit a doc on your phone. Android devices need something similar to get the job done… :)

  2. likethebean
    June 30, 17:47 Reply

    I've been editing a google docs spreadsheet for a couple weeks now. Each row has an edit link at the beginning. I haven't tried it with a text document though.

    • Paul_Weston
      July 21, 22:05 Reply

      I do the same, I just created a spreadsheet and viewed it on my mobile browser and bookmarked it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  3. eka
    July 11, 16:35 Reply

    thanks for sharing. nice post

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