HTC Evo 4G Recieves Froyo-less Update


Sprint updated the HTC EVO 4G Monday with a small software update of 21.43MB, called System Upgrade 1.47.651.1. According to Boy Genius Report, it is supposed to improve wi-fi performance, fix Exchange Active Sync issues, and make Facebook not murder the phone’s meager battery life. The only thing I have noticed since the install is my email is actively updating.

Early in the day a few people reported that their EVOs were bricked.  The definition of bricked implies all the phone is good for is breaking windows, or building houses.  When enough of these reports came in, Sprint halted the update, so not everyone received it.

I did watch the update download with my fingers crossed, silently hoping they accidently left a zero off the end of the file size. You know what they say, “every update that isn’t Froyo, is one step closer to being Froyo.” Okay, no one actually says that, I just think it to myself.

Snaps to BGR on the preemptive  heads-up.


    • Did the update and lost the ability to turn off the Sense UI. Looked through Manage Applications in settings and the stock Android Launcher is gone. 🙁

  1. I updated mine last night – had to remove the battery and then turn it back on. The touch screen was going crazy and I couldn't get into the phone. Seems to be okay after that.

  2. I have an HTC EVO and would like to know if there is anyone that can help me with a problem I am having? The contact app (People) appears to only be able to search for a persons name. My BB can give matches in both the name and company (HTC EVO Organization field) fields. Is there any way to do the same in the EVO or does there an app available can handle this requirement.

  3. Did the update when It was first released…did anyone else notice a major battery boost? My battery is rock solid now