IBM Releases Beta Version of Lotus Notes Traveler, Targets Business Market

IBM recently announced a beta version of their Lotus Notes Traveler for Android handsets.  The app works much like their iPhone title and is designed to be a free collaboration tool with two-way synchronization of e-mail, calendar and contacts.

Users can also view all the above data on their device (running Android 2.0+, it’s aimed mostly at the Nexus One and Motorola Droid). IBM hopes to widen their spectrum of business device software with this move, as they already have Lotus Notes software for Symbian, Windows Mobile, the iPhone, and the iPad. This software should be a boon for businesspeople that travel frequently and can’t always get to a computer to use Lotus Notes, and another feature Android can boast for Enterprise applications.

  • The_Omega_Man

    Into the Business world we come! Look Out RIM!

  • I have searched the interwebz high and low with no luck in finding the apk for install. Does anyone know where or how to get the install?

    • I added a couple links to more info on IBM's site in the post, Craig, tho I didn't see info on how to sign up. Must be a closed beta.

    • Hi Craig,
      i don’t think you will need to espacially download an apk. Normally you install the Traveler on your Domino server and then use the mobile to open an internetpage this Traveler service is hosting. This will then setup your device.
      At least this ist the way it worked with my iPhone (i don’t have anymore).

  • Joerg Michael

    You can sign up for the beta. A business partner of mine did that and was accepted surprisingly quickly. To try Traveler on Android you also need to be running a Domino 8.5.2 beta server, which will also be provided for download. And unfortunately, the Traveler release will not be included in the 8.5.2 release, it will come later.

    • Johan

      I also can't see where you can sign up for the beta. There is no registration link whatsoever.

  • Christophe

    I'm interested in testing Notes 8.5.2 beta for Mac. Where could I get it?

  • eka

    that is awesome!

  • trout

    This is so frustrating. Will someone please explain how and where you sign up for the Beta!??

  • crash486
  • Morten

    Anyone found out about beta signup yet? I need this!

  • Morten
  • EJPN

    I have the APK for the lotus installer and also for lotus traveler (for the android phone) but you have to have access to the domino server to be able to install the LotusTraveler_8521_beta.exe

    • Abhay Bhargava

      Hi EJPN

      I noted u mentioning that you have the apk for the lotus traveler – could you share this with me in the form of an emailed zip, or upload it someplace where I can download it from please?

      We do have a 8.5.2 but are facing some issues uploading the android enabling beta on it, and I am keen to test it out with the android client with the existing config, which I blv from inputs voice by a few dutch people, can work as well.



    • Rumy

      Can you share your apk(s) for traveler.

    • Hi EJPN,
      How can I get hold of this APK “LotusTraveler_8521_beta.exe”
      My current domino and traveler server is
      I have some sales reps that is crying for their mail on their Android devices.


  • Rodrigo


    can anyone share this apk for android? i am from brazil and here its very difficult to find this apk.