Latest Sprint Ad Shows Off EVO 4G Features [VIDEO]

I happened across this ad tonight on YouTube, realized it hasn’t been covered elsewhere, so I felt compelled to share it with you guys.  Here’s the latest Sprint ad which shows the EVO 4G in all its splendor.  Watch the 30 second TV spot and see how Sprint plans to brag about all the great features of their latest Android super phone.   And like the commercial states with all the “firsts”, remember where you saw this ad first!

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  1. @kpoz
    July 01, 02:13 Reply

    Long overdue. They need to mass market this puppy.

  2. Dan
    July 01, 04:19 Reply

    I will remember where i saw it first, on my T.V. about a week ago. lol

  3. Rich
    July 01, 16:00 Reply

    They don't need to mass market these, they are completely freaking sold out. I have been trying to get one for a while. Best Buy is sold out nationwide. Radio shacks, I called 6 of them and they have zero. Sprint said they are totally out and have a waiting list and aren't even taking new names for the list. What the hell is the point of a commercial?

  4. Kenji
    July 01, 17:32 Reply

    Very smart marketing strategy and I especially like the "Candy Corn" reference to Animal House.

  5. eka
    July 11, 16:21 Reply

    thanks a lot! nice post

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