Surprise! Motorola Delays Cliq, Cliq XT 2.1 Update on Last Day of Quarter!

If you didn’t see this coming, you are a liar.  As much as everyone wanted to believe Motorola would roll Android 2.1 out to Cliq and Cliq XT handsets this quarter, we really didn’t expect it to happen.  Official word coming out of the handset maker is that the update is being pushed back indefinitely. Awesome. Nothing quite like waiting until the last day of the quarter to say you weren’t going to hit your self-imposed deadline, right?

For those asking for an update regarding a software upgrade on CLIQ in the U.S., we’ve made a decision to take more time on the release to optimize the experience in some key areas. We will continue to work to deliver it as soon as possible and apologize that we have been unable to provide an upgrade to these users in Q2 as planned.

We are working hard to provide an upgrade to Android 2.1 as soon as we can. Our consumers’ experience is our first priority and we will provide an upgrade when we can deliver the best possible user experience.

Thanks for the tip, Tugs!

  • son of a bitch!

  • now i may be forced to root if they keep doin this…..

  • K S

    I may be forced to buy an iPhone now. At least they update their software on a regular basis!

  • I would root if I could but there is no root option for the Cliq XT. Vent here.

  • Mitch


  • C-Dub

    I'm glad i bought my Nexus instead of waiting on the update for my CLIQ XT. Welp, time to do some ebay listing lol.

  • Shorter Motorola: "What? You guys are still here? Haven't you plebes moved your lower-margin butts to a competitor yet?"

  • tRu

    wow, what a load of crap!..

  • mikeeeee

    i can wait, i'm not going to need google earth for at least another month or so anyway.

  • GRD

    This as Android phones will get 3.0 in the fall. No more Motorola for me, they are shady and provide poor customer support. I'm as offended as I am disappointed. I will not purchase from Motorola again, nor will I keep my Cliq.

  • boss5

    Personally I feel moto has been full of it! But they've taught me one thing their words are like running water…….yea right!

  • jay

    Great I just got stuck with this shitty ass phone as a replacement because my mytouch 3g took a shiz on me. Time to list this phone.

  • David

    Of course! Pieces of crap. Listen, I understand not being able to meet a deadline, but in the business world, you are supposed to own up to your failures as soon as your recognize them. The fact that Motorola waited until the very last day, when I'm sure they new this was coming for a long time, is unacceptable. Sometimes I really do think they should have left the cellular device market.

  • skye

    wow that really irks me, i only bought the stupid thing because i thought it would quickly get it's update. Also like david said, i understand not being able to meet a deadline every know and then but waiting untill the last day and giving no new deadline is poor form, irrisponsable and disrespectfull to their clientbase. Fu__ motorola, last one for me. Aslo this phone sucks, good hardware but slow and garbage-ee under the hood, plus i hate the damn motoblur garbage

  • Jonesy

    Major FAIL for motorola…

  • It’s like waking up Christmas morning and finding no presents under the tree. I feel horrible for having recommended this phone to so many friends when it first came out. I will most likely go back to HTC devices.

  • ExMoto Guy

    I'm a former 7-year Motorola employee, working in the infrastructure division. I sold my iPhone 3G because I wanted to support Motorola's efforts with Android. I'm done. This will be my last Motorola device ever. There is no reason that this upgrade should take this long, considering the length of time that the 2.1 dev tree has been available. Perhaps the iPhone 4, perhaps the HTC EVO. We'll give both a try – truth be told, I *like* Android – just not crazy about Motorola's development efforts around the CLIQ. Very disappointing, Mr. Jha.

  • Vince

    Nothing like alienating your user base. Great customer relations Moto.

  • How much more do you think I could get for my CLIQ on ebay if I loaded 2.1 on it?

    • Vince

      like $20 more…here r the reasons:
      – Motorola made it so the price went down the drain
      – It has crappy spec
      – Now we have so many better phone like the nexus 1 that r the same price as the CLIQ
      – we will get 2.1 when 3.0 is out
      – This list will just go on so i will stop

  • sda

    Motorola sucks…..Every1 should go buy HTC products.

  • ol blue

    will the new iphone 4 is looking really good about now.

  • T-Mobile employee

    I will make sure to never recommend a Motorola phone…and I work at such a place that sells them…SCREW YOU MOTOROLA…for lack of a better 4 letter word that starts with an F and ends with a K…

  • Mrleggacy

    I just got a cliq xt too and now i'm learning that they delay the up grade motorola you suck big time man.

  • tRu
  • Zack

    who cares? its still a badass phone… yeah they are takin a bit longer to pop out the new shit but if you assholes didn't want motoblur, then you shouldn't have bought the f***ing phone. I get tired of people bitching about every little f***ing thing all the damn time. If you want to switch over to apple then f***ing do it instead of ranting and raving on a forum like motorola even gives a sh*t. They got what they wanted, you bought the phone…. if you get rid of it your just one less person they have to give customer support to. Besides if any of you think that the Iphone is going to be remotely as good as any android phone then you're mistaken, steve jobs is the equivalent of hitler as far as him giving a shit what the user wants done… he just makes pretty screens and tells you it runs better and you people eat it up… i see just as many if not more people standing in line at the apple store for repair as any other electronics store. pull the sack off your heads and wake up…if you want to get all huffy and puffy over a fucking update then please just throw the phone away and don't buy another one because you will never be happy

  • eka

    thanks a lot! nice post

  • melvin

    Right. So we pay for the phone under the promise that it will be upgraded and your answer is to throw it away? I am sure Moto is not getting what they want, a rep as a horrible company with bad phones? Zack you are dumb.

  • Mohamed

    wow a phone that's made in nov. 2009 pre-installed with the ldest version of android 1.5 cupcake and waiting 9 months for a frickin update my nexus one already updaes ince in the past 5 months!!! you guys coulda almost bad 2 updates by now!!! lol feel bad for motorola cliq owners even the droid got to froyo!! nexus one will get to gingerbread!!!!!!!:) but lol srry for yuo cliq owners:(

    • Mohamed Can’t Type


  • John never going back to motorola.

  • Aaron

    Motorola should just give up on making phones, and stick with modems.

  • Daran

    wow how could motorola still have people waiting its almost the end of the year and the said Q2 i understand things get backed up but they shouldnt wait until the last day to tell people that i think if they knew that was going to happen then they should have told us earlier then get our hopes up that is messed up so motorola the longer it takes for you to update the more upset people will get as you can see i understand that it takes time but stop letting people down its not good business

  • Karthik

    Moto sucks!!! No more place for moto in my life…

  • Weston

    Time to dump both t-mobile and moto.. I hate it, but im gonna have to go with an i-phone.. 🙁

  • Ken

    thats it im rollin out. F moto in the A

  • chris

    i wanna stick my foot soooo far up the Motorola peoples ass that the will be tasting leather for a week

  • Wow…Motorola sucks on so many levels.

    Yes, I wrote about it. Yes, I’ve linked it. Yes, I’m THAT damn angry at Motorola right now: Motorola Sucks, part 1

    So even IF my phone worked, no updates for me. Lovely. I’ll be upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy the first chance I can.

  • Razzil

    Motorola phones have always been crap. When the cell phone craze first started, moto was the one to avoid. All their phones lasted no more than a year… physically fell apart or the electronics crapped out. When the Razor first came out I warned people, but everyone thought it was the sh**. One year later, they were all being used as guly, scratched up, paint-worn paperweights. I’m extremely disappointed that I gave them another chance with the Cliq XT. Go shove your motoblur up your a**. If anyone knew that this special OS came with lack of future updates, 80 to 90% of us would not have purchased it. Hopefully there are some 10 to 20% casual users on ebay willing to buy this piece of crap. Oh, and the phone runs like crap too. Very often I have to reset it because something fails… the notify bar, the main menu, the touchscreen overall, resets by itself, and it runs slower than snail sh**.

    • Jess

      You could’ve tried using an application killer. Works great on my cliq

    • Motorola on the market

      You are not quite accurate with the info. I had a Cliq XT, key word being “had”, but the fact they loaded it with a lower level OS vs the Cliq’s OS and held up the update prompted me to dump it. You are wrong about all motorola phones falling apart and being junk. Their basic phones seem to hold up quite well. I still have a V195, a pretty basic phone yet still has bluetooth, and it still works even after the abuse it’s had. It’s been dropped and knocked off of equipment onto tile covered concrete flooring more than once and the phone still works fine. I’d still use it now if it had an MP3 player and it hadn’t been messed up a little by one of those companies claiming their software could unlock it.

  • Jess

    Here’s the official Motorola updates chart…..hoping for update by end of year on cliq (fingers crossed)

  • Lu

    great.. this POS phone has too many problems.. i been involved in too accidents and i was trying to get help and the god ddamn phone freeze and then i have to wait so long just to get it to reboot.. POS Motorolla

  • mal

    hmmm i can wait im patient, ima keep my fingers crossed till Q3/Q4 if no update by then to bad for me, but you people gotta remember even with the laggs and glitches remember what these types of phones are capable and what they can do, you cant just throw a phone away just because it didnt get something as simple as a software update or you see something better for example nexus one, htc evo and etc.

  • chairsurvivor

    Holy crap you guys are a bunch of babies, aren’t you? They pushed back my update, boo hoo. I’d like to know out all these complaints, who actually knows how create code and update the phone themselves…. don’t worry I’ll wait. huh, like I thought no one. Point being almost everything in the tech world is pushed back, so get over yourself and your non-existent problems. So stop making stupid complaints, I’m tired of reading them.

    • LINGE2268

      Please teach me the how to create code. I don’t want to complain i want to learn how to get 2.1 for xt cliq. I’m not a pro but i’ve been pc-ing for along time and i learn very fast. Then we can both raz them xt cliqers. CRY BABIES.

    • Guest

      Don’t give me any back talk code monkey!  Get off the Internet updating your linkedin account and code, CODE damn you! rofl

  • Cesar Futuristik

    I’m pissed. Why make mii wait? 2.1 has soo much benefits. I want my damn update and now!!!!

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  • leo

    what damn you drag in getting the updates
    ima go buy another diff phone now