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I’m not a particularly big movie buff myself, but i find the IMDB Movies & TV app to be very helpful. I’m not the kind of person who finds info about movies that no one else knows, or watches a film 11 times in the theater. But, in my opinion, The IMDB app is most useful when a lapse of memory occurs. Confused? Allow me to explain.

My family loves to watch movies, so, obviously, I’ve seen my fair share of films. I downloaded the app after watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and seeing Jesse Eisenberg talking to Jimmy. My sister and I both looked at each other with expressions of Alzheimer’s and asked “Where have I seen that guy before?” This happens often around here, so i opened up my trusty IMDB, searched for Jesse Eisenberg, and lo and behold, it showed me every single movie, tv show, or album he’s appeared on/in. It turned out we recognized him from The Village.

This is where I find IMDB most useful: in those “Who is that actor/actress?” moments. That’s what I normally use IMDB on the web for as well. But, I can definitely see how this will appeal to major movie fanatics that want to learn about future releases, actor/actress news, or buy a DVD or Blu-Ray disc via the store.

IMDB gives off a certain welcome tone at first glance. Maybe it’s just me, but the yellow highlights and dark gray outlines look inviting. From the main page, you can do a wide range of things from look at showtimes in the U.S., check out the list of most-viewed films or shows on IMDB, or even browse movies by genre. Again, it’s a very easy-to-use tool that just works.

There’s not much in the way of settings here, which is a  shame. Nothing to get upset about, but still a small con in a big list of pros. The only options available at the moment are what you see above: Choosing you location, choosing an IMDB domain, choosing which Amazon domain to use, and clearing the cache. I would like to see some search filtering functionality thrown in there.

Recapping, IMDB is a great site, and they’ve really hit a home run with this app. The warm UI, along with some key features really make this app a must-have for movies critics, movie buyers, or someone like me who just wants to know where I recognize Jesse Eisenberg from. This movie guru tool is so helpful and simple to use, I’m surprised they made it free. So, if you’re itching to try it out for yourself, search for “IMDB” in the Android Market or scan the QR code below.

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  1. HelloWorldDude
    July 02, 01:39 Reply

    Thanks for the app review. Downloaded it and love it. More like this please. Also, please make a way to add comments through Android app. Keep up the good work.

  2. PB Stetser
    July 02, 02:08 Reply

    OK, I *am* a movie buff and rarely a day goes by when I do not refer to IMDb. I found out about this app while on IMDb on my netbook but am unable to find it! I scanned the barcode multiple times and, after clicking on the link I get a "Not Found" message. Is this only for 2.1 or something?? I am using a Cliq XT. Help anyone???

    • Shawn L.
      July 02, 03:01 Reply

      Cliq XT is running Android 1.5. This app requires 1.6 or above. Your 2.1 update should be coming soon.

  3. Stefan
    July 02, 09:03 Reply

    It is a great app, fast an nice clean UI. One thing that would be nice if they changed is the fact that all movie titles are changed to the language of the phone (or your locale) I would really like to have the option to keep the original title.

  4. bob
    July 03, 02:45 Reply

    Real a good app!Thanks for sharing. I'm the one who not often watch movies and easy to forget some details of the movie that I have watched, so this app is really useful for me.

  5. eka
    July 11, 16:10 Reply

    it's a good app. nice post

  6. Nightly Business Report
    October 12, 09:27 Reply

    IMDB is really a very good application and it is demanded in market.The IMDB app is most useful when a lapse of memory occurs n easy to download.

  7. Mykalai Kontilai
    October 15, 05:01 Reply

    The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has been a respected resource for film and television for nearly two decades, and this free, universal app lets you tap into the titular database to learn about nearly any film or TV show in existence.its really good……………….

  8. Ken Brandsen
    October 22, 03:02 Reply

    I’ve waited forever for an app that would bring me the imdb database, and this app does it perfectly. You can’t beat it for all those times you need to settle an argument about who was in what movie.

  9. Buy Me Private
    November 07, 12:15 Reply

    The update is really good the app is way more better and looks sharper. It’s more like the desktop version. Thanks

  10. Up Start Interactive
    November 30, 02:18 Reply

    For my money this is the only app about movies you need to have on your iPad, just like Mail app is the best for mail or iPod app is perfect for your music content. Period

  11. Rob Stubblefield
    January 24, 02:51 Reply

    This movie guru tool is so helpful and simple to use, I’m surprised they made it free. Great post, and great idea for an info site you have here.

  12. Avalon parts
    February 17, 04:08 Reply

    I would like to see some search filtering functionality thrown in there.

  13. iPhone Spare Parts
    July 12, 06:51 Reply

    This movie guru tool is so helpful and simple to use, I’m surprised they made it free..That’s Great

  14. Anonymous
    July 29, 13:49 Reply

    The movie guru tool is reallt helpful for the people, it must be liked by more and more people.

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