What is FRF91? [UPDATED]

Reports on Twitter and XDA-Developers indicate that yet another Froyo build is going out to Nexus One users today, this one with build number FRF91. One person on the XDA thread noted that it was an update from the most recent build, FRF85B. Others report receiving it on both T-Mobile and AT&T versions of the Nexus One.

This is somewhat mysterious and unexpected given Google’s announcement earlier in the week that the FRF85B OTA was the official release. Did they find a bug of some kind in FRF85B that they’ve corrected?

We’ll update this post with more information as we find it. Let us know in the comments if you’ve received this update.

Update: Here’s the direct link to download it from Google’s servers and install it manually, if you’re into that sort of thing. It should work only if you’re already running FRF85B

Update again: Here’s another direct link to the version that will take you from FRF83 to FRF91. We’re hearing now that this is a security update of some kind, specifically aimed at the Gmail app, though that has not been confirmed by Google as far as we know.

Update one more time: Thanks to commenters Echtelion and YsSRS, here’s a direct link to go from FRF50 to FRF91. Anybody got the version for FRF72?

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  1. Chris
    July 01, 17:54 Reply

    I just got it. Security fix.

  2. @scottyabrown
    July 01, 22:26 Reply

    Still rocking FRF83, which I pushed myself and didn't get OTA :(

  3. Julius
    July 01, 22:31 Reply

    still no FRF85B OTA to my N1… : /

    • epgomez
      July 01, 21:52 Reply

      you can do a manual install. its not hard

      • Julius
        July 02, 07:49 Reply

        Is there a FRF85B file or must it be 3 installs?

  4. Eliseo
    July 01, 22:47 Reply

    I am curious as to what mode the phone needs to be to receive an OTA. Does it have to be plugged in to a charger or just been "on" is enough?

    • MaxLaw843
      July 01, 23:31 Reply

      Just 'On" is all that I have needed for the two OTAs this week on my N1 on T-mobile.

  5. fullmetalg
    July 01, 22:54 Reply

    nexus1 tmobile Tenn/ No OTA, still on ere27. Giving it one more day before flashing since they did say by the end of the week… @eliseo as long as you have some sort of data connection you will get it, assuming they are sending it.

  6. jusblase
    July 01, 22:58 Reply

    just installed it now am not seeing some apps

  7. Matt M
    July 01, 23:50 Reply

    Androidguys, just wanted to let you know that most of the posts I've seen today in Google reader have missing images. Just letting you know.

  8. @jkmcrm18
    July 02, 00:22 Reply

    I manually updated to FRF85B the other day. But I don't know what this new one is about. I am waiting till tomorrow to see if I want to do a manual for that one too. Anyone who has it, can you comment on the specs or differences? Thanks

  9. @Sandtiger
    July 02, 00:41 Reply

    It appears to fix security issue with the gmail. app

  10. nub-a-dub-nub
    July 02, 00:45 Reply

    910kb froyo patch?
    I am afraid to install it for fear that 85b is the leet boot loader unlock haxor pwn rom and 91 is the patch to fix it . Anyone with 91 know wtf this is supposed to patch? fuck security lol i want teh h4x!1

  11. larvs
    July 02, 02:36 Reply

    hold out on manually installing 85b from ere27. i got SMS sending issues when i did.

  12. James
    July 02, 02:50 Reply

    Just manually update. Have yet to receive an OTA update. Manually updated all the way up to this. This final update is very surprising. Thought Google was done.

  13. Steve
    July 02, 05:31 Reply

    just recieved frf91 after manualy upgrading to fef83 a week ago

  14. GingerbreadMan
    July 02, 05:41 Reply

    I reckon it is because of the screen issues many are experience on FRF85B. Also happens when viewing embedded Flash movies from standard browser.

  15. BStre26119
    July 02, 06:35 Reply

    I got the FRF91 OTA just a few minutes ago. Mentioned something about a security fix when I downloaded it.

  16. YsSRS
    July 02, 06:46 Reply


  17. rolly
    July 02, 12:20 Reply

    Just got FRF91 this morning at 7 AM Central time….Chicago!

  18. Stefing
    July 02, 12:20 Reply

    FRF91 manually installed on unlocked but other stock Nexus One in the UK, working great with zero iDefects 😉

  19. Todd
    July 02, 12:52 Reply

    I'm on AT&T (used SIM from a iPhone), and still no 85B or 91. :-( I didn't want to take the time to do it manually.

    • Todd
      July 03, 23:19 Reply

      Still no update. Was I supposed to "register" my Nexus One with AT&T in order to get updates?

      • Todd
        July 04, 17:34 Reply

        Came today after dialing *#*#CHECKIN#*#*. It's noticeably faster.

  20. Ray
    July 02, 13:08 Reply

    I'm on AT&T (crap) as well and am still stuck at EPE54B (also a used SIM from a Blackberry).

    July 02, 13:08 Reply

    Just got FRF91.. runs great!! And uses 3 times less memory than 2.1

  22. @illuminantceo
    July 02, 13:52 Reply

    Manual update of Android Froyo FRF91 over my manual install of FRF85B (unlocked Nexus One on T-Mobile) worked fine. Took 5 minutes, tops.

  23. Andrew
    July 02, 14:30 Reply

    Recieved FRF91 This morning, 8AM EST, probably came earlier, but that's when i checked my phone.

  24. Chris
    July 03, 07:06 Reply

    Manually updated to 85B when it was released. Just got my first OTA to 91 all the way out in Afghanistan on my unlocked N1 (no mods, purchased unlocked direct from Google).

  25. Peter Shen
    April 05, 02:36 Reply

    I updated it with no problems. Peter, Koowie.com

  26. Peter Shen
    April 05, 02:36 Reply

    I updated it with no problems. Peter, Koowie.com

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