Lookout! Angry Birds Arrive This Summer [VIDEO]


The popular, highly addictive iPhone game known as Angry Birds is headed for an Android phone near you.  The developers, Rovio, have put together a sneak preview of the game as it plays on a Motorola Droid.  Judging by the 40-second clip, the game looks nearly finished and ready for some beta testing (hint hint).  Interested parties can sign up for notification the moment Angry Birds are loosed upon the world later “this summer”.

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  1. I had heard of this game before but I never had an idea about what it was. Will definitely download it after it's available. Thanks for posting!

  2. I have this for iphone and I will purchase for my android phone when I finally get away from AT&T in September. This game is a lot of fun and looks like it runs a lot smoother on the droid than it does on my 3G iphone. Must have in my opinion.

  3. What is taking so long! My husband has an I-phone and he intoduced me to the game, he can't stay off of it and I want to play it, he has an i-phone, I have an android (mytouch), so I always have to wait until he is tired of playing 🙁