Samsung Epic 4G Promotional Video Surfaces


Believe it or not we have more Samsung Galaxy S news this week, this time of the Samsung Epic 4G variation! A short promo video of the Epic 4G has surfaced and boy does it make me want one more than ever. The video is basically a short little teaser detailing all of the features of the phone. It makes me want to purchase the phone right now.

Any Android fans going to be purchasing an Epic 4G? Let us know! Oh, and enjoy the video!

Source: Android Central

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  1. observer
    July 04, 18:56 Reply

    drop the keyboard, add front facing camera, run Froyo, I'd be in no looking back.
    Otherwise it's almost like another myTouch on TM

    • Michael
      July 06, 17:19 Reply

      Ahm….. are we talking about the same phone?

      The MyTouch doesn't have a keyboard, and the epic does
      The Epic already has a front-facing low-res camera.
      Sprint has already committed to upgrading the Epic to Froyo.
      And seriously… the epic has a 1GHz processor specifically designed to compete with the Snapdragon, the Epic has more than twice the resolution of the MyTouch (as measured by number of pixels), and more than twice as much RAM.

      Other that it being from Samsung (my Moment has somewhat soured me to their offerings) this phone seems to be exactly right to complement the EVO for those of us who want a keyboard.

  2. Chris
    July 07, 05:01 Reply

    I returned the EVO for the basic fact that the touch screen keyboad is fairly poor IMO…so, yes I will be testing this one out as well…hopefully the battery lasts longer than the EVO's as well.

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