Sony Ericsson X10 mini Unboxing

I was fortunate enough to receive a review unit of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini handset today so I thought I would share my unboxing with you guys.  This phone, like its older brother, has yet to find its way stateside but Canadians can look forward to it before long. Right away I will say that the device is small, very small.  In fact, the entire body of the X10 mini is smaller than the viewable screen on an EVO 4G.  Nevertheless, there is likely a niche market for this little guy.

The specs put the phone in the thick of today’s mid-range Android offerings.  The 600MHz processor,  3-megapixel camera, and 2.6-inch screen are a nice blend of power and petite.  Handing the phone to my wife, her first instinct was to try to slide it open for a QWERTY.  It’s definitely not designed for a texting/emailing junkie.  However, the form factor makes for a great weekend phone for the ladies.

Look for a full-on review once I get a chance to spend some quality time with the X10 mini!

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  1. Morten
    July 01, 07:14 Reply

    Are there any significant difference between this phone and the mini pro aside from the qwerty? I just don't get why anyone would get non qwerty…

    • Michael_Martin
      July 01, 13:35 Reply

      Just price ;) The Pro should sell well when they both come out in the US later this Summer for Back to School.

      I posted my review of it at GAB

      I also communicated with the Quadrant benchmarking Android app developer since it currently doesn't work on the X10 Mini but may that be adjusted soon for Scott & I's later tests.

      the X10 Mini processor speed as expected about half that of the main X10 using PI benchmarking but the FPS was surprisingly nearly triple.

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