Yahoo! Announces Mail and Messenger for Android 2.0 Devices


Yahoo! has released their first two Android titles today, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger.  In addition, they’ve also rolled out a widget for Yahoo! Search.  This is good news for those of you aren’t a fan of the Google services built in to most devices.

Yahoo! Mail offers push notification, rich text formatting, photo uploads, and more.  Users will be pleased to learn that emails can be sent to address book contacts; as well as deep searching (sender, recipient, subject or keyword) throughout the client.  Yahoo Messenger lets users message friends, update their status, check on their friends, send IMs via SMS, send photos, and more!  Check the Android Market today for each of these apps!

For added convenience, you can scan the barcodes below.

  • This alone is making me upgrade to a N1. >_<

  • Eugene

    What use is a mail app without a widget that tells you have many e-mails are there?

  • Mark

    What does it mean it "sends messages via sms"? Why not just use the Internet (read: wifi) so that I don't get hit for messaging? Or am I misunderstanding?