720p Video Capture, 3G Mobile Hotspot Coming to Droid Incredible

It appears that Droid Incredible owners have an update coming down the pipeline and it’s not your simple bug fix or maintenance release. According to AndroidForums user hyp3r1, he was able to score a test unit Droid Incredible from a friend at HTC (note the branding of the device).  Said unit has received an update that adds both 720p HD video capture capability as well as the ability to turn the phone into a 3G mobile hotspot.  The update arrived OTA on June 28th and if his memory serves correct, it “was about 22.5 MB and required a WIFI connection to do the update”.  A little sniffing around and we end up on this website which also shows video of a new bootup sequence. 

  • CJ

    I just got major wood. I’ll be waiting with eagerness for this update.

  • Ben

    How about some Froyo action?

  • Nick

    this is exciting, any word if they updated the bluetooth stack, would be nice to be able to use bt keyboard or wii remote

  • Shane

    All i can say is Woohoo, and When ?

  • eka

    nice video. thanks for info

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