Apple Has ZERO Idea What Android Is


In today’s Apple address to the nation of the iBrainWashed, the Cupertino-based company flaunted their ignorance for the entire world to read. No, I’m not referring to their illogical explanation of reception problems or blatant denial of facts that point to the hardware defect in their new iPhone 4. I am, of course, talking about their absolutely comical reference to Android devices.

To start with, gripping almost any mobile phone in certain ways will reduce its reception by 1 or more bars. This is true of iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, as well as many Droid, Nokia and RIM phones.

So let’s get this straight. According to Apple, Droid, Nokia, and RIM are all examples of phone categories. In referencing Android devices as Droids, Apple’s PR department is showing a severe lack of understanding for the world of smartphones that they are claiming to be so authoritative in. Clearly having been sucked into Verizon‘s Droid Does campaign (pretty impressive on Verizon‘s part, if I might say so myself), Apple clearly doesn’t “get” that Android is a platform that resides on over 60 devices worldwide.

You see, sir Apple, Droid is just a name used for a specific line of Android based phones that run on the Verizon network.  These “Droid” phones aren’t even manufactured by the same companies. Both HTC and Motorola produce Android devices that use the Droid branding.

Because I’m a nice guy, I will assume that by “Droid,” you meant “Android.” It’s an honest mistake– really, it is. I too was once an ignorant fanboy who slurred his words and mixed up tech lingo. But then I turned two, became potty trained, and learned to speak only when I actually know what I’m talking about.

I appreciate the laugh, Apple. You should really consider stand-up.

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  • …or maybe they specifically meant "Droid" as a little "eff you" to Motorola/Verizon for calling them out in that full-page Droid X ad…

  • Rasputin


    This post is petty, childish and dickheaded. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    I am ashamed to have people like you on the Android side.

    • rorosas


    • John V

      never been to this site before today.. I found the post clear and funny. If you are offended by this, go someplace else. The only petty, childish, and dickheaded comment is .. well… yours.

      Go away . Let the adults laugh at what they want to, WITHOUT your pointless criticism.

  • Darrel

    Maybe they were being passive aggressive with the intent of showing just how insignificant they think Android is.

  • Tim

    Agreed with Rasputin. This post is kind of ridiculous regarding something as trivial as semantics.

  • Disko

    LMAO that was great. I too get a little pissed when people refer to my Moto Cliq as a Droid. Just a little pet peeve…

  • massivestapler

    They didn't say, "Droid, Blackberry OS, and Symbian" – they could've easily been talking about specific VZW phones. I assure you dude, Apple knows exactly what Android is.

    • Exactly. This is a hardware issue, Android has nothing to do with it, but as Droid is a line of phone hardware, it’s use here is perfectly justified.

  • Jesper

    I agree with Rasputin and Tim, this post makes us look like children.

    There's no need to jump at everything that comes out of Cupertino, especially when it's just semantics.

  • Mikkel

    I didn't know 11 year olds wrote on this site. This whole thing made me cringe so bad that I feel kinda embarrassed that I read this site almost on a daily basis.

    • John V

      its supposed to be funny. 11 year olds? You are just an ass.

  • B

    So if you do believe it was an honest mistake or slip-up, then what was the point of this whole article? I dont like Apple and their policies either, but I’m not a fanboy. I dont sit on every word and action from them and turn it into what I want it to be. From the headline, I thought this was going somewhere completely different.

  • Matt

    who cares? This really is a pretty petty post.

  • The_Omega_Man

    I would question the statement from the perspective of whether the "Droid, Nokia and RIM phones," actually calculate that "1 or more bars," of drop incorrectly too! Or is it only Apple's iPhones that get this little (slightly significant) factor wrong!


  • That's a lot of mileage on a single remark. I'm Android guy all right (I carry N1 and write android apps) but I don't like when people start religious wars. My cube neighbor has new iPhone 4 – rest assure there's lot that can be learn from the device including its devilishly good looks

  • Zack

    Apart from the totally trivial complaint at hand that you've made, just implying a comparison of Apple to a ditsy Alicia Silverstone is very much like when the McCain campaign compared Obama to Paris Hilton. Just childish, and people with any sense aren't going to respect this kind of blogging at all. You guys can do better.

  • iHater

    I agree with all the agreeing posters as well. But I have a feeling that Apple did this in purpose just to confuse the iGnorants even more. Android = Droid = Droid 1= less than iPhoneyFour. So IMO the post was not only petty but also naive.

  • NeXTLoop

    Personally, I find this whole iPhone/Android fanboyism VERY tiresome. I happen to be a die-hard Mac user who also loves Android. My current phone is a Moto Droid, and its by far the best phone I’ve ever had.

    Whether people want to admit it or not, each platform can learn a lot from the other. There’s definitely things that Apple can learn from Android (notifications is just one of many things that come to mind), and there’s certainly a thing or two that Android can pick from Apple. What’s more, I would even go so far as to say that Apple and Android NEED each other. By having two powerful, graceful mobile platforms going head-to-head, it ensure that they continue to be competitive…rather than following Palm’s example and getting lazy with past accomplishments.

    This may be unsavory for some people to hear, but I personally think it was a good thing that Apple came along with the iPhone first. In many ways Apple helped break the stranglehold that the carriers had previously held on the mobile market, and help put more power in the hands of the platform/hardware developers. This in turn has helped make it easier for Google, and the accompanying hardware makers, to make such excellent phones (phones that we all love) without fighting tooth-and-nail against the carriers.

    In short, I found this article a childish perpetuation of the very kind of fanboyism that nobody benefits from.

  • Jay

    Well i think this post is hilarious and let us leave it at that … just something light to make life a lil easy … what do u say guys ??

  • cr0wnest

    I know this post may be a little uncalled for. But hey its funny. XD

  • Droid4life

    Aww, get over yourselves already people! If you read on other blogs (iPhone blogs ect..). You will definitely see the same type of criticism towards Android, with no i-Fans bitching and moaning about it.
    What the hell is wrong with you people. It’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
    I’ll bet you a shiny red penny, that if he was to say anything negative towards Android and positive towards I-O.S, you would still find something to eff’n complain about! Here the Guy is (Obviously an Android fan) making a crack at something funny that was said by Apple, and we have SUPPOSED Android users here belittling him for it. Ain’t that a bunch of shit! I thought it was humorous, and different people take things differently, But it doesn’t give me or any if you morons the right to hate on his post, just because you see it from a different perspective. It sounds to me like we have alot of iFans on here posing as Droid oops! I mean Android fans. 🙂
    And one last note: If you get offended when someone calls your Cliq a Droid, well brother you have some serious kinks you need to get ironed out of your mind. Sincerely yours, Loving Droid user, hacker, developer, and i-pod player. If you want it all.. just buy an Android device along with an iPod and get the best of both worlds, you know… if you really like using your phone for calls. 😉

  • Steve Ledridge

    i'm an Android fan, but I think this was a pretty weak slam. I even have to admit that in my pre-droid (yes I have an actual Motorola Droid) experience, I had the Omnia which, it their moronic wisdom, put the antenna in the bottom of the phone where it was covered by your hand. I often found, if I wasn't talking on it, I could double "my bars" by using the phone upside down.

  • eka

    it's funny :p

  • Liger

    I love this post. My boss is trying to develop mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, and the iPhone, but he always says "Blackberry, iPhone, and Droids" for platforms. It drives me nuts and is a huge pet peeve. Why? Because we're suppose to be a social media company that knows about this stuff. I've had a T-Mobile MyTouch for almost a year, and he still hasn't recognized that my phone has most of the same capabilities (and a waaay sexier body) than the Droid by motorola. So yes, i get offended when people call my phone a Droid, because it's not. The apple comment sounded so much like my boss that it pretty much made my day. Thanks.

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