Christopher Nolan’s Inception Gets Android Game (Verizon Exclusive)

Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi action thriller film, Inception, doesn’t hit theaters for a couple more weeks but Verizon customers can immerse themselves into the world of DiCaprio. Designed as top-down 3D maze game, the object is to get you from A to B in as little time as possible. Beware! There are people you will need to avoid as you hunt down your targets. The game is said to involve both action and strategy and uses 3D graphics to tell the story. If you have a Verizon handset (Droid, Droid Incredible, etc) you’d be wise to pick it out of the Android Market. It’s free.

Respect knuckles to Droid Gamers for the tip!

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  1. Shane
    July 02, 22:22 Reply

    Cant find it on the market

  2. @jcenters
    July 02, 22:59 Reply

    Scott, you could at least have mentioned the name of the app. It's called "Mind Crime Prevention," and is listed under the Verizon tab in the market.

  3. The_Omega_Man
    July 05, 18:54 Reply

    Search for "Inception" in the app market. Also, Scott, you could have mentioned that this is a HUGE app.! It requires over 35MB of App. space!

  4. TallTony
    July 06, 05:40 Reply

    Large File. If it's still up when my Moto Droid gets 2.2 I'll be sure to try it. In the meantime, I don't feel like uninstalling ten apps to to install "Inception" and run it. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. dell latitude d630 akku
    April 17, 16:14 Reply

    I write some feelings of myself, and I practise my English, Thank u very much for your so nice article

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