Devs Manage to Get Ubuntu on HTC HD2

Ahh, the wonderful world of hacking, where it seems that nearly anything is possible. It is in this realm of modding and rooting that some talented developers have reached a major breakthrough in their quest to get Android running on HTC’s 4-inch Windows Mobile monster.

XDA user dcordes, along with some help from cr2, Netripper, Markinus, LeTama dan1j3L, Cotulla, and tsamolotoff on s200, has worked his magic and is reporting that he and his team have successfully booted Ubuntu, a Linux distribution often used for desktop computers, on the HD2. Ubuntu isn’t a particularly good OS, considering the fact that you can’t even make calls on it, but this is a milestone for the HD2.

“How does this relate to Android”, you ask? Well, many people may not want Ubuntu on their device, but it is a Linux-based OS, just like Android. If you put two and two together, this means that developers are so close to Android on the HD2 they can feel it. So, if you’re an HD2 owner, and are itching for some Android love, just be patient. dcordes and his team should have the #1 OS on the #1 WM phone sooner rather than later.

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  1. @phonedog_john
    July 02, 15:04 Reply

    "Ubuntu isn't a particularly good OS…" You might want to qualify that one! I used Ubuntu exclusively for over two years and in conjunction with others for longer. It is a freaking fantastic operating system!

    But yeah, maybe not the best OS for a telephone. :0)

    • holysmokesbatty
      July 02, 16:04 Reply

      "Ubuntu isn't a particularly good OS, considering the fact that you can't even make calls on it…"

      I'm pretty sure they mean for cell phones.

  2. Matt
    July 02, 17:34 Reply

    On the mod page for this process on xda-dev… They have a couple working Android builds. Now everything isnt functioning, but you know its a work in process. Still has to be loaded through haret and its not the bootable OS of the phone, just like this Ubuntu mod.

  3. thepickle
    July 03, 13:20 Reply

    "Ubuntu isn't a particularly good OS, considering the fact that you can't even make calls on it, but this is a milestone for the HD2."

    Come on, thats just careless. Ubuntu is a great OS, namely the best desktop Linux distribution available. You need to watch how you phrase your comments.

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