Froyo-based CyanogenMod-6 Experimental Builds Hopefully by this Weekend


The reliable folks involved with the popular Cyanogenmod seem to be almost ready to push out another ROM update.  This one will be the much anticipated Froyo (Android 2.2) release.  An experimental build for the Nexus One was pushed out midweek, but the MyTouch Slide, G1/Dream, Desire, Incredible, Droid, and Evo can expect to get some CM6 love from this potential weekend update.

Judging from Cyanogen’s late night tweets, it looks like we can expect CM6 to fly on the G1/Dream and similarly-powered handsets.  Generally, Cyanogen updates his twitter account first, so for all the up-to-the-second release details, follow him @Cyanogen.

  • Cyanogenmodsucks

    It's too bad, he's behind the game. BlackDroid has had a froyo rom out for quite some time. Way too fail.

    • @twat

      better to get it all working first.

    • William

      You can't rush perfection. CM6 kills the game!!!

  • Adam

    Bugless Beast has had a few FroYo releases out already for the Droid. BETA and STABLE versions, too.

    If you've got a Droid, I highly recommend them. Great dev support, too.