Here’s the Google Voice Desktop App [VIDEO]

The fabled Google Voice desktop application has been spotted on film thanks to TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington.  After asking for pictures of the rumored application, he was sent the actual product to test himself.  What you see below is a few minutes of Arrington testing out the app and making test calls.  Keeping with Google tradition, it’s simple clutter free and rather intuitive.  You can see the Gizmo5 branding front and center which may or may not indicate an old release or abandoned project.  However, knowing that there is at least something out there that works, it’s only going to compound the demand.

We received an email last night from the guys over at petition site GiveUsGVDesktop are trying to drum up support for a desktop client.  If you’d like to have your voice heard and put your name on the list, you’re advised to sign up immediately.  The goal is 500,000 signatures but currently sits at under 50 total.  They could use your help!

GiveUsGVDesktop Google Desktop Petition

Thanks to ‘Frank Rizzo’ for the tip!  Good luck!

  • name

    will a google voice client be made available on android?

    • Don't be a dork

      Guess you need to educate yourself about the Google voice for Android AS WELL AS the standard google voice web ap. You can call out and receive calls with no issue. i've been using it for almost 18 months.

  • name

    I meant a google voice client that can receive and place call like the above desktop client does. I know there is a google voice app for android, but as far as I can tell, it does not allow you to receive calls.

    • Spencer

      I've heard and seen that you can pay to make calls and send texts through it for a small price, but I don't know how

  • javier214dtx

    Send it to me too……… why just him?

  • lfctz

    Petition signed… Yeah, can you send it to me too?

    Um, might wanna blur out that phone number, fyi.

  • Aaron

    The Google voice client you want for your android is called "GV Dialer" or "Google Voice Dialer" by (cpedia Mobile) You are allowed to send and receive calls FREE without your minutes through your carrier subtracted… Great App!

  • anon

    I’ve been waiting a long ass time for a windows desktop app. I’m tired of having to leave my browser open and a tab when I’m expecting a call.