PanDigital Novel Rooted, What Next?

SlateDroid Forums user Meth has gained root access to the PanDigital Novel eReader. Meth, claims to have rooted PanDigital’s 7-inch eReader/tablet despite the fact that the device has no physical buttons. “The lack of any buttons sucks“, he says.  Kudos to Mr. Meth for his success in hacking this beautiful eReader. No word yet on any ROMs or themes, but it’s a start, right?

Thanks to Carolyn for the tip.

  • Ryo

    Does that mean you can now play Ogg vorbis files, too?
    However, I don't support such companies that cripple android os and remove basic functions liek Ogg support.
    After emailing them about, they gave me some strange explanations, and trying to avoid answering why they did screwed Ogg vorbis support.

    • Quantum flux

      Their explanation should have been “it’s an ereader”. As android becomes the base for more task specific vertical applications the propeller head crowd are going to need to learn to move on. And am declaring “fail” officially over.

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