Adobe Air For Android Leaked [UPDATE]


An early version of Adobe AIR for Android has been leaked.  When I say early, I mean VERY EARLY.  For those living under a rock, Adobe AIR essentially allows developers to easily make applications or tools that can be used across multiple platforms/operating systems.  Keep in mind, this is not the official thing just yet, so it may be buggy. Download the apk file here and the air apps here!

REPLACING UPDATE:  Thanks to Adobe for reaching out to us and providing the following bits of information –

If you would like, please link to where your readers can sign up to be a participant of the AIR for Android Prerelease program.  These developers will then have access to our latest SDK and runtime, instructions on how to create and install AIR applications, and will be able to communicate with the other 4000+ participants in the program.  Not only is the leaked runtime out of date, but your readers will have a much better experience if they join the prerelease program to gain access to the most complete and latest information on Adobe AIR.

Again, it is very early, so don’t expect much, but this just might be a game changer, so it’s fun to try!

P.S. It is working for Android 2.1 and Android 2.2

Source: Droid-Life


  1. Awsome news, just imagen the posabilities all those devs can now add android to there consumer list. Android will be unsamountable within 12 months 😀

    So what would you all like to see on android that derived from this? Me personaly would love to see tabbed docks animated docklets and yes tweetdeck 😀