App Review: Foursquare

Social Networking has become the leading way of communicating with friends, both current and from our past.  With Foursquare, you can check-in to places, become mayor, and earn badges, all while stalking your friends!  It’s a very easy to understand application – basically, find a venue, check-in, and earn points and badges.  If you check-in more than anyone else, you become mayor of that venue.  (New venues may also be added by any user.)  Some businesses, such as Starbucks understand the growing trends and have begun give discounts for being the mayor.

Foursquare uses your GPS location to automatically find venues around you, and if you try to check-in to a place that’s too far away, no points will be awarded.  No gaming the system!  You can visit Foursquare’s website and log in to view all of your check-ins, badges, as well as that of your friends.

Using a very simple interface, one can view friends, check-in to a venue, or view your own mayorships and badges earned.  The user settings allow for automatic linking to one’s Facebook and/or Twitter profile.

Although not overly useful, it is a very addicting app available for Android, iOS, and Blackberry that can become a competition among friends to see who can become mayor of the local hang-out spot.  The more you use it, the more you love it.  Download it for free today from the Android Market, or from the QR code below.

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  1. @cmlewan
    July 03, 23:02 Reply

    Gowalla is more fun: it's nicer graphically. Also, you can take photos of locations. And in Sweden, there are many more locations registered by its users.

  2. plainbrad
    July 04, 01:30 Reply

    The more you use, the more fun it is <– so true.

    Not enough people use Gowalla.

  3. Jauhari
    July 04, 13:42 Reply

    Foursquare apps for iPhone much better.. I hope Android version will be better too

  4. Beau
    July 04, 23:59 Reply

    The latest Yelp update now includes Check In. I wish everyone would go all Yelp, but I think I'm alone there.

  5. Steve
    July 06, 16:35 Reply

    So I check in, collect badges and points and… ??? I have no desire to bother friends with "I'm the mayor of" tweets. I know only a couple of businesses offering specials to those who use Foursquare and Gowalla so it really seems like more of a game or ego boost.

  6. pjv
    July 11, 09:58 Reply

    Rummble is a much better Android app and better for your privacy as well.

  7. eka
    July 11, 15:34 Reply

    I hope Android version will be better too

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