Download This! FIFA 10 (EA Sports)

In the off chance you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, it’s World Cup time and fans are glued to television sets around the world. It’s time you glued yourself to your Android handset and purchased EA Sports’ FIFA 10. Play using real teams and players from all over the globe and start a tournament or cup of your own! Break out your vuvuzela and root on your custom-created player as he takes on Brazil, Spain, and the rest of the world.

FIFA 10 runs $6.99 and can be found in the Android Market immediately. Purchase this as part of your Paid App Pledge!

Thanks to AASonyKK for the tip!

FIFA 10 by EA Sports
  • anna leiser

    hmmm, ok, but where is the review ? why should i buy this ? are you guys working or being sponsored by EA to give them free ADS like that ?

    • bruno

      Good post

  • AASonyKK

    yes, buy apps for don't kill the games of android market!!!
    More download, more best game for android

  • Nilfisktun

    Just bought it on my galaxy S 9000, but when it starts it wants to download more files, and this download just stops at 5%…
    6.99 down the drain -_-

  • miles

    pointless on desire as it pobably takes up more Ram than the device has!! Until it can save to sd card (froyo) it's useless for most android phones. Sloppy piece of writing as well, not looked into this at all. This would be the most revolutionary game on any android device and not any real info on it at all, ridiculous.

  • I actually purchased this game last night but uninstalled it today and got a refund. Great graphics and overall well designed but gameplay just wasn't there. I didn't like the controls at all. Best soccer game on Android though.

  • which is the best? PES2010 (mobile) or FIFA 10?
    ive installed PES2010, n its good.

  • Anderstien

    I can't find this game on my market, on Xperia X10. Under "fifa 10"

  • skbgiants

    No dice for the most powerful Android phone to date? EVO 4G???????????

  • I have Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, i have search Android market but there’s nothing like FiFa 2010. I think they have remove it from Android market.

  • nice you



  • Iwant fifa10 games downloading

  • rafa


  • I want to download.

  • andrewadel

    i want to download this quickly

  • eu


  • jardeson

    otimo game

  • jardeson


  • jamshid

    hi this is jamshid from Afghanistan, i wanna tell you that is it possible to download free fifa 2010 from this site, please answer me in my email.


    jamshid ahmadi

  • nattapong


  • J M Naleef

    Great game Thanksgiving

  • I don’t know the. Password for my wireless router. In order to download fifa 10 to. My android G1

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  • orgest minga


  • Ori112212

    where is the download?!

  • someone

    I downloaded fifa 10 for my galaxy fit. But when i started playing a match i discovered that my background was black and the only thing which were not black and white were my players .please help me with this problem.

  • Khalodi Lolli

    i cant download it man