PhoneWeaver Announced for Android

SBSH Software recently announced that they’re popular Phoneweaver application is now available on the Android platform.  Phoneweaver’s function is to allow the creation of custom “profiles” enabling users to set specific actions to correlate to various times, locations, and battery stats.  Actions can range from changing sound settings, launching applications, and adjusting screen brightness. These features can be manually launched via a widget or automated.  As the creators of Phoneweaver suggest, it will “adopt[s] to your lifestyle like a real smart phone should”.  Phoneweaver is available in the Android Market for $6.99.  I highly recommend purchasing it! Be sure to hit the break to see Phoneweaver in action.


  • BKC

    how does it differ from locale?

  • Chris

    How does this differ from setting profiles (paid version)?

    It would be good sometimes to have a comparison of some popular similar apps.

    • EarlZ

      This is something that should be already built-into andriod, such a huge leap forward but taking a few steps backwards along the way.. this is why andriod is still pretty much in its infancy stages.

      • That might be true (it should be built in), but can you name a phone with this functionality built in? Any phone, I mean? Settings Profile is (3 dollars)cheaper and I'd be surprised if this app can top Settings Profile's functionality.

        Nice to have options though.

        • Robert

          Yeah, SonyEricsson phones, they have had this features for many years.

  • i will use it

  • nice video, thanks for the information 🙂