Updated Dell Streak Root Method Released


Paul O’Brien, the genius behind MoDaCo, has just released an updated “superboot” rooting method for the Dell Streak.  According to Paul, this root method differs a little from what we’re used to seeing, but still gets the job done for those who want superuser access on Dell Streak handsets.  The Dell Streak is currently available in the UK with carrier plans, however an unlocked version is slated for release soon in the United States. Oh, and by the way the rooting thread can be found here.  For instant MoDaCo ROM news, follow @paulobrien on Twitter.

Anyone plan on purchasing a Dell Streak? Anyone plan on rooting it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Engadget

Image Source: Engadget


  1. Images broken in your RSS feed, AndroidGuys. Don't know if you've gotten any of my messages, but apparently you still have the problem, and it's been that way for like 5 days…

  2. Dear Dell, We need a release date. We've been hearing about this phone waay before we've heard about the Iphone4, Evo and Droid X.