200,000 Galaxy S Handset Sold in Korea After Only 10 Days

While everyone in the US is waiting for the carriers to drop their versions of the Samsung Galaxy, the international version is seeing good sales numbers in South Korea.  Launched on June 24th in South Korea, Samsung has already sold 200,000 units after only being on the market for 10 days.  Considering that Apple’s iPhone 3GS sold a little over 800,000 units in roughly 8 months, this is big news for Samsung.  The company attributes the handset’s success to how it better suits the needs of Korean users, however they only cite the preloaded apps as the reason for this.  Granted this is only one country, but perhaps the Samsung Galaxy will increase their market share as they hoped.

What do you think the sales figures will look like in the US?  Which will be the most popular:  T-Mobile’s Vibrant, AT&T’s Captivate, Sprint’s Epic 4G or Verizon’s Fascinate?

Source: Unwiredview ¦ via: Yohhap News

  • ncpromo

    My guess is the Vibrant will be the most popular. Simply because it will be T-mobiles best phone available by far while AT&T still has that "fruity phone", Sprint has the EVO and Verizon with the Droid. As a T-mobile guy, I have been waiting for this phone for a long time as I am still using the original G1 (with a cracked screen) but would not settle until a phone like the Vibrant comes out.

    • Agreed 100%. I have had my G1 since launch day back on Oct 2008 and it has suited me well, but I would have easily have given it up if my contract was up in time to get a subsidized Nexus. That wasn't the case, but now the Vibrant comes along and its gonna be the best thing Tmo has going for it unless Project Emerald pans out 🙂

  • I can't wait to see what the Samsung Galaxy is going to look like when it comes out in the USA. The Motorola Droid X looks interesting, but I am just not sure if it is going to be too big to make it convenient to carry around. I may hold out to see what the Galaxy looks like.

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  • the figures for the iPhone 3GS, was that global or in S.Korea? I'd say its altogether to hard to guess what a phone on the Android platform is going to do, simply because they are popping up all over. Who know what phone or what rumor of a phone will be around when released. iPhone fans have 1 option, so when it comes, it comes. Android phones are kind of like building your own PC, they just keep coming with better and at some point you finally have to say I'm not going to wait any longer and buy this one.

    I would have to say though, since the Capitvate will be the first comparable Android device on AT&T, it should do pretty well. That is what I'll be buyng.

  • Well you bring up a good point about the t-mobile one doing well, but I'm currently on Tmo. Had g1 since last yr this time, and my screen has become unresponsive which makes the phone nearly unusable for anything besides calls (crazy, right? lol). And my warant expired 6 days before I called them about it. And i'm not paying $130 for a 2 yr old phone.

    I'm considering leaving T-Mobile (yes, even paying the $200 Early Termination) to go to Sprint for the Samsung Epic. I absolutely need a physical keyboard. I refuse to adapt to this new era of virtual keyboards (yes swype is nice, but it still doesnt compare to tactile feedback), so tmo really needs to hurry up and get a phone with the galaxy s specs or better with a physical keyboard. Im gonna wait it out a bit longer since theres rumors of sidekick twist with desirable specs coming soon (plus I can't afford to cancel and get the epic 4g yet lol). if they would've slapped a 1ghz in the mytouch slide I'd be on it, but for some reason Tmobile loves mediocre phones.

    Anyway, I still think the Sprint version will do the best because of the physical keyboard. I am not the only one who has been aching for a physical keyboard power device, ask the thousands of ppl who still have their G1's and are fed up with tmobile. The front-facing camera helps too.

    • I would really like to wait for something to come to Tmo with a physical keyboard. The Vibrant was the best option but alas, we were disappointed. I can''t wait anymore because I am experiencing the same touchscreen failure with my G1. I am going to give the Vibrant a try, my contract is up so I can get it subsidized. If Project Emerald pans out and the device is good enough and has a physical keyboard then I guess I will have to suffer, just like I did when I didn't get the Nexus One.

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