Android 3.0 Launch to Coincide with Google’s Music Service

It looks as though last week Android product manager Gaurav Jain has confirmed that the availability of Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) will coincide with the launch of Google’s music service this holiday season.  In an interview with top Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist, Jain said the next installment of Android and the music service are expect in Q4 2010.

At Google I/O, Google showed off technology allowing Android users to stream music from their computers to their handsets.  No word yet as to whether Gingerbread will bring additional features or just build on this concept.  It will be interesting to see what Google has up their sleeve.

Anybody out there excited about what Google Music will bring to Android devices?

Source: Knowyourcell

  • Jim

    I would be so pleased to divorce iTunes!

  • Is gingerbread coming to the Droid or will I have to root? Also, can I stream from iTunes or should I use a different media player?

    • Ben

      Gingerbread is the next version of Android after FroYo.

  • I'm pretty happy with the streaming capabilities of Grooveshark.
    I think they have a month trial available now, so you should go try it.

  • Shane

    Grooveshark has really bad performance via mobile though. Their network is very slow for some mobile app users. the desktop app works great though.

  • I use Grooveshark over 3G and it works fine. If I can make a call I can Grooveshark.

    Also the store songs on device option now works.

  • I think the author forgot that Gingerbread is also suppose to have UI enhancements. something like a mix of motoblur and HTC sense. brought to you buy one of the guys that gave the WebOS it's look.

  • Joel Simpson

    You can do this right now with your own music via the free Subsonic software at It's amazing in it's own right, but the new droid app makes it unbelievably good.

    • jodaboda

      I've tried them all… extensively… and you've got it– Subsonic is the best. It automatically downloads podcasts to my computer, organizes them, streams them to my phone, caches them, etc. If you don't have the fastest connection, you can choose a bitrate for it to re-encode to on-the-fly as it streams to you. It's not for Apple fanboys though– it certainly has a million options and can be intimidating for those who don't understand ports and the like.

      • i use Jinzora3… less of a resource hog on my server, many more options and customization (if you are comfortable hacking around in PHP), but the subsonic app on android looks like it blows the jinzora3 app away (the app is VERY basic)… so maybe I need to switch to Subsonic…

  • This should go great with the new 2 GHz Droid monster that is coming out this Winter. Cannot wait to see what other iterations Google bakes right into Android. Hopefully we can see Google add other remote features as LTE rolls out and mobile broadband becomes commonplace.

  • Carl

    I use GMote to stream music AND video to my phone over HSPA+ / 3G. Works nicely.

    It also can act as a remote cursor for your OS, and remote KB.

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