Best Buy Goofs Up, Sells Intercept Early

Accidents do happen!  Apparently the Samsung Intercept escaped a Best Buy Mobile booth a little sooner than its July 11th launch date.  It seems a Best Buy Mobile employee sold the phone for $100 without realizing it hadn’t been launched yet.  According to the reviewer’s Youtube video caption, he didn’t realize either and walked out with his brand new phone, a week early.

The SPH-M910 Intercept is certainly not going to be a powerhouse for Sammy like the upcoming Galaxy S line most likely will be, however, it seems like a solid, low end to mid range phone.  Hit the video for a short introduction and walk through.

Is anyone planning on picking up a Samsung Intercept on July 11th?


Sources:  Android Central ¦ Youtube

  • cooll… but price… thanks for sharing the information… i like it..

  • Kenny

    I’m planning on getting one, for the price, it’s the best qwerty phone on the market.

  • doug

    that phone is a joke sprint took a sweet concept and [email protected]#ked it up. Thank you sprint for being so stupid !

  • it's cool