FUEL TV App Arrives For Android


FUEL TV just announced the release of their Android application which boasts nine video channels, live streaming, search filters, and free ringtones. Fans can also enable a feature that will update them when there’s breaking sports news or new shows become available.  Feel like sharing?  Users can also upload their own photos and tweet about how they are interacting with the application.  The photos can also be shared on FUEL TV’s website and be geo-tagged allowing users to see the location of where the photo was taken.

The FUEL TV app is fully featured and available for free in the Android Market.

Any extreme sports fans out there who can’t wait to download this app? If so, let us know in the comments!


  1. The live stream on this app never works. I count watch the Maloof Money Cup on it :(. Its cool that Action sports are taking an interest on Android ( Vans has an app too).

  2. wow. if you own this app, you are seriously, honestly retarded. if you require an individual app just to tell you that a "professional wakeboarder" …wtf-ever that is… has broken another bone or jumped *really* high, you need to simply put that smartphone down, and walk away. slowly, so as not to hurt yourself.


  3. This app has been out for awhile, but like someone else said the Live Feeds dont work, so it makes it pretty worthless.