HTC To Complete Android 2.2 Upgrade By Christmas


Any HTC Desire or Legend owners out there wondering when they will get their Android 2.2 upgrade? Well, lucky for you the team over at Pocket-lint got some one-on-one time with Eric Lin,HTC‘s global PR and online community manager, at the recent Qualcomm Uplinq convention and got the scoop on when Android 2.2 will arrive for HTC Sense devices.  Mr. Lin said:

“It takes time to port all of our applications over to Froyo and then make sure that it is running well on each of our devices. That’s not like a one week kind of project. We need to make sure that our applications are taking advantage of the Froyo features. To make sure that they’re all running properly on the OS now that it’s a new version. And then to make sure that it’s running on our hardware as well as we expect.  I would believe that we would be done with our Froyo updates before Christmas.”

Let’s hope it is a Merry Christmas for all HTC owners! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Pocket-lint


  1. I'm sure it's just big corporate laziness. How hard could it be to get working? Christmas? Give me a break. I could write HTC sense from scratch in 5 months as one developer. They should post beta versions so we can get some early builds. This EVO is cool, but it's super slow and really needs 2.2.

  2. This is why I'm going to dump my EVO and move to the Galaxy S. HTC must have some serious issues if it takes them 5 months just to recompile and fix a few bugs.

    • And you think that Samsung will be faster whit updates?
      I would be surprise if The galaxy s will get 2.2 this year

      • I wouldn´t hold my breath waiting for Samsung… Spica got Android 2 this march, six months after it was released officially.

  3. It's a joke, right? I got an unbranded Desire-now I'm thinking of rooting and using CyanogenMod ROM (6.0 is coming, right?). I guess I can live without Sense…

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  5. I'm not really interested in Sense getting the most out of Froyo.
    Just release a version in which Sense works on Froyo..
    and release an incremental update once it is optimised for Froyo.

  6. Android is having sucess by it's own merits, but people are embracing the dance of branded and modified android, and all this makes android more fragmented and repeatedly delayed updates on every terminal.
    Forget all that stupid dance and get a real Google's Android phone:
    Nexus One.
    By Christmas Nexus One should have android 3.0 while all other brands are anoncing new terminals Android 2.2 based 🙁

    • It will likely be a year or two at the very least before Gingerbread comes out on any HTC handset (besides the Nexus One). HTC needs time to figure out how to make their Sense interface better than Google's new Gingerbread UI.

  7. As I've pointed out on other forums, what is the matter with all these people getting up in arms. Nobody anywhere has said the update will actually take that long, HTC are basically just covering themselves in case things take longer.
    Most likely the most recent handsets will get them in the next couple of months and that's more than soon enough, if you think otherwise then you can either root or get a vanilla android phone without the great sense software. Its called choice people, the reason were using android and not ios.
    Really all of you get a grip and stop acting like spoilt kids who want everything now, now, now!

  8. I wonder why people who hate sense so much are buying HTC phones? Seems stupid to me.

    I agree sense doesnt seem to be very much of step over basic android, and as such it does seem odd that it takes so long to develop, but im sure there is more to it than just sense. They without doubt want to bug fix and add features as well. How many ROM devs had created Radios, camera apps and entire ROMs from scratch? The Nexus will always be first and will always be before any other device, whether there is a custom UI or not because Android is developed on it.

    • I've got an HTC phone and I hate sense, of course I have a G1 which never had sense on it.

      I've been looking at the MyTouch 3G Slide to replace my G1, but I'm holding off until the price comes down to under $350 AND until I can get a decent ROM on it to get rid of Sense.

    • Easy.. here in Europe I couldnt get a Nexus One, but Desire was out in the stores..

      That said.. Sense is very nicely done.. definitely an improvement over stock android.. with working flash lite, way before flash came out. Kudos to the people at HTC.
      Its just that Ive run out of app space and would like to get app2sd soon..

  9. “I wonder why people who hate sense so much are buying HTC phones? Seems stupid to me. ”

    Because the Nexus One ain’t got worldwide availability… The real question is why can’t we have Sense as an *option*, keep everyone happy….

    • Because HTC is a brand and it has an identity. Would you expect Sony to launch a PS3 without any Sony branding, just the raw OS? Of course not. Besides those that do hate sense can always buy something else or use a custom ROM.

  10. I rather have Android 3.0 by Christmas…

    This is just like HTC Hero. Getting 2.1 when 2.2 is released. We will have 3.0 by Christmas and they will just upgrade to 2.2???

  11. The only way you can affect this is by not buying their phones.
    Personally owning a droid, I think I'll stick to Motorola phones with stock android. If I want bells and whistles I add them.

    Some time, competition will be stronger. At the moment HTC is kinda dominant with Android phones, but this will change as Motorola and other Companies keep pushing out high end devices.

    People will know that "HTC is slow to upgrade" (or Samsung might not even bother 😛 ). When people know that and choose the company that gets upgrades quicker than the other, the handset makers will start to move. But not before.

    At the moment HTC has got record sales and revenue, so why should they bother?

  12. Glad I got my Nexus One… I'll be running Gingerbread (3.0) before most phones are even upgraded to Froyo (2.2).

  13. Sure would be nice to cool off this summer heat with some FROYO then to freeze your butt off waiting for the New Year to hit, problem solve!! Get the Nexus 1…..No need to cry now, for everyone that wanted to hold the N1 before they buy it it feel good to the hand, how about that nice weather widget; look like it is snowing on your parade and your Sense UI may have added icing on our cake but we just added Froyo!!!

  14. Funny how 20 people at Cyanogen can get CM 6 (Froyo) onto half a dozen different devices from nearly as many different manufacturers, but HTC can't get it onto the devices that they themselves designed.

    …And by funny, I mean sad.