AppBrain Launches Push Installation for Apps via Website


Last month at Google I/O we got a early glimpse into some of features that will hit Android in the future.  Not quite ready for Froyo, many expect to see these goodies land with Gingerbread late this year or early next year.  Among the standout features was the ability to install applications on your phone by simply sending it over the air from the Android Market website.  Thanks to the crafty guys at AppBrain, we don’t have to wait for this capability.

Users can now click an “install” button while browsing an application  from the AppBrain website and have the app or game sent directly to their phones.  This is eerily similar to what Vic Gundutra gave us as part of his Day 2 Keynote, except that it uses their own version of the Android Market.  All that is required is the installation of an AppBrain application on your phone.  Once you sync up with their system, it’s all down hill!  The best part is that it works with all flavors of Android from 1.5 on up to 2.2 Froyo.


  1. This is not a true push to phone. App brain still requires the use of market place. Google's new android market place will be a true push to phone not requiring any third party apps one click and your done. Similar to the Chrome to phone.

  2. This is kinda old. I've had appbrain for close to 2 months now and had that ability. Also, it's nice because i can make a backup of that list incase i do something stupid 🙂

  3. Also, just an FYI, what IS new is the app that you can install along Appbrain that allows the install button to push to the phone without having to go into the appbrain app.

    PLEASE do your research. This is why i was confused and posted my above reply. Appbrain has always done this, but what's different is it's a real PUSH to the phone instead of having to sync from within the appbrain app to get the list.