Let’s Haze Us A Few Interns On The Thursday Nights Podcast… And Give Away a Cool $50! And T-Shirts As Well? It’s Like Christmas!!

Dead Presidents

$50 for you, courtesy of Twitoc!

Ahhh yes… interns. One step above a Production Assistant, these poor souls simply don’t know what it is they are getting into when they volunteer. Especially for the AndroidGuys Thursday Nights podcast.

I’ve got five young men ready to be put through the grinder by our panel, our callers, and myself. Oh boy.

During tomorrows show, each of the prospective interns will call in. We’ll have fifteen minutes to quiz them, ask them personal questions, and abuse them as we see fit. After we’ve hazed them all you will have your chance to vote via our AndroidGuys App for who YOU think our new intern should be.

Some of the criteria that you should be looking for before you cast your vote:

  • Does this person have a sense of humor?
  • Do you think this person can not only take ongoing harassment and gay jokes from Ray Walters, but give as well?
  • Can this person get along with the panel on a weekly basis?
  • Does this person have what it takes to eventually become a permanent fixture on the Thursday Nights podcast?

Also tomorrow, Matthew Patience and Greg Carron (the team that brought you Twitoc) will be releasing their latest app live on the air. Along with this, we’ll be giving away a $50 gift certificate live on the air courtesy of Twitoc, Greg, and Matt! That’s right… $50 just to have fun for 2 hours with us!

Special Edition!

And, just to top it ALL OFF… Clark Wimberly from AndroidAndMe.com will be on the show to give out the very last of the special edition AndroidAndMe Exploded Andy t-shirts… to promote the Big Texas BBQ this fall!

So, do you love us yet?

Here’s the vital info:


7PM Pacific Time, 10 PM Eastern!

Call in number is 347-637-2112

See ya tomorrow night!

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    someday, Android will rule the world’s phone..

  2. Jay
    July 08, 22:45 Reply

    So are you retards running a fraternity here or a blog?

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