Official Update on the HTC EVO 4G 30 FPS Issue [UPDATED]

Last night at the HTC Aria Event in Chicago, fellow AndroidGuys writer Chuck Falzone and I were fortunate enough to converse at length with a high-ranking member of HTC‘s Media Relations department. During our conversation, said individual was kind enough to address the issue regarding the 30FPS limit imposed on the HTC EVO.

We were advised that the frame rate cap is hardware related, although the cap itself is imposed by the EVO’s software. The reason for the limitation is directly related to the EVO’s HDMI port, which, we were told, requires a sizable portion of the Snapdragon processor’s output in order to operate. Subsequently, a limit needs to be placed on the amount of the processor’s output that is allocated to the display.

Earlier in the week, I contacted HTC via email regarding the 30FPS limitation. I was informed that, “[HTC] is investigating the viability of claims that that limitation of 30FPS can be overcome by software changes.” HTC claims that, because most TV shows and movies are filmed at either 24FPS or 30FPS, the vast majority of users will never notice the 30FPS cap. However, when scrolling through the content on a webpage or swiping between home screens, the 30FPS limitation becomes quite noticeable. Furthermore, considering how infrequently the HDMI port is used on the EVO, one would assume that the screen’s frame rate is more important that the HDMI port.

Now that it has been confirmed that the 30FPS limitation is hardware related but imposed by the phone’s software, I expect HTC to release an update that automatically adjusts the EVO’s frame rate when an HDMI cord is inserted into the phone.

UPDATE: Read the latest on this subject!

  • chang3d

    I hope the Samsung Epic wouldn’t have this frame-rate feature (aka lazy developers issuing a fix-all instead of checking to see if the hdmi cord is plugged in).

  • boriqua2000

    my HDMI output doesn't even work on my evo.when i plug a micro hdmi cable into the phone it just freezes up.i have to take out the battery and reboot.

    • robert horton

      Mine does the same thing, and it was manufactured by HTC.

  • I have yet to use the HDMI port on my EVO…

  • Yaril

    Yeah the cap should only be on when the HDMI cable is connected…only makes sense. Anyways, I use my HDMI cable nearly every day to watch YouTube on my tv. No problems whatsoever 🙂

  • Concur, I have yet to use it. I would probably have done so by now.. IF I got a cable with my phone. Thats another purchase, on top of me wanting a bigger card to give myself the room to work with…. grrr! GIVE UP UNCAPPED GRAPHICS!

  • Jamaicanbob

    That is one UGLY-ASS phone. Ghat dang! Owning that thing must be the equivalent of being forced to kiss a moose on the lips. Throw that thing back in the water. Hahahahahahaaaaaa

  • Jamaicansarehaitians

    A jamaican calling something ugly, that’s hilarious.

  • dave

    cause jamacian cant afford htc evo, therefor he calls it ugly to make himself feel beter. he lives on prepay… hahahaha