Report Shows Android 2.2 Destroys iOS4 in Speed


There’s nothing like a good Android vs. iOS4 speedtest to get the fanboys of both sides into a heated debate.  Ars Technica is reporting today that they find JavaScript performance on Android 2.2 to be superior to iOS4 to the tune of about 3 times faster for V8 benchmarking and 2 times faster for Sunspider.  Their tests between a Nexus One running Android 2.2 and an iPhone 4 shows the little green guy as the clear winner in both benchmarking tests meaning Froyo users can rejoice in faster browsing.

As an engineer, I am usually reluctant to blindly go along with fancy graphs without seeing the testing criteria, but in this case I’ll make an exception.  Taste the goodness of Froyo, fanboys.


  1. that's today's iphone4 vs an Android phone that was released in January. Droid X and Galaxy S should be unbeatable once they are updated.

  2. they are comparing on OS update that won't be out for months on the phones people are actually buying, (Nexus one is history, Google basically canning it) to iphone 4 which significantly outperforms Android 2.1 on Evo and by association Droid X… (also having 2.1)
    by the time Android 2.2 comes out for these phones people might actually buy, iOS4 will be updated again…
    see footnote…

    • This article may only focus on web browsing, but Android 2.2 is already here and it blows iOS 4 away speed wise in every single area, not just web browsing. Since the Nexus One will soon be available at a Best Buy or Fry's near you this will make Android 2.2 even easier to obtain. Also, the Nexus One can display Adobe Flash videos with no perceptible performance penalty and absolutely no effect on battery life. iOS 4's shortcomings show just how much of a moron Steve Jobs is. When Gingerbread comes out iOS 4 won't stand a chance.

  3. The title of the article is a little confusing, and some people might be taking it the wrong way.

    They are talking about javascript speed in the browser 🙂

    • You're right. Why would I want a smart phone when I can have a shiny dumb phone? There's nothing the iPhone can't do that Android can't do better. Not one.

    • You going to a fashion show or using it a mobile device? Just make sure you don’t forget the tiger skin case. You are like those d-bags that puts flames on the side of their car and thinks it will go faster.

    • wow your obviously a fanboy.why dont you back up your claims with facts 1st then you can rant all you want.oh btw wake up and smell the coffee iphones had its time bbut now android is breaking through iphones sales they wont stop selling phones but it will be what macs became to windows.

  4. Ya ok, so it’s faster on web browsing and slower at everything else. Lol takes me 30 seconds to hang up a call and start another on my android. My wifies iPhone? Instantly. Face it android is more prevalent because apple won’t unlock from att. If sprint had an iPhone it would be in my hands now.

    • It has very little to do with operator. The problem is mostly that Apple restricts it's phone so much that it lacks a number of basic functions. I ditched my iPhone Tuesday and bought a Galaxy S. iPhone was a little little bit faster, but basically it's more of a toy. I can't take it fully seriously, even after more than one year with it.

  5. Why are apple fanboys showing up to post/flame an android dedicated website?? Do you not have anything better to do? Do you really have such a sorry life that this is your fun? Enjoy your iPhone and let us enjoy our Android phones. Go rant somewhere else!

    On a post related note, I'm excited for my Incredible to get Froyo and see some of this speed increase…too bad it won't happen till later in the year 🙁

  6. This is a key reason why my next phone will be running android. Add to it all the problems that keep coming up with the new iPhone and it seems like a no brainer.