T-Mobile Releasing Samsung Vibrant A Week Earlier Than Expected

TmoNews is reporting that the Samsung Vibrant will be sold by T-Mobile a week early.  That’s right, that means you jut might be able to get a hold of your new sexy, sooner than you thought.  As reported a couple weeks ago, the Samsung Vibrant  was originally(T-Mobile‘s branded version of the Samsung Galaxy S) due out on July 21, however, apparently the big magenta moved it up to July 15 to correspond with the release day of the Motorola Droid X.  I’ve been waiting to update my aging G1, and if I can shave a week off my wait time,it will make me very happy!

Is anyone excited about the release of the Vibrant? Do you plan on getting it on the fifteenth? Let us know in the comments!

  • wooshring

    First!!!!!!!….already Pre-Ordered!

    • wooshring

      Sweet!!…Just confirmed it with the Radio Shack store….its a GO!!!!!!

  • I was able to play with all flavors of the Samsung Galaxy S at the Samsung event in NYC a few weeks ago. The Super AMOLED screen is absolutely beautiful. The phone feels great and looks even better. Samsung has done a very nice job.

    I am just wondering what the (rumored) Samsung Galaxy 2 with gingerbread will look like.

  • The G1 came out on 10/22/2008. T-Mobile's handset upgrade policy is 22 months with a standard 2-year contract. So, how are you guys upgrading before 8/22/2010? Are you paying full price?

    • Thanks a good question on how….could it be that's its 21 months? All I know is I got the G1 the day it came out (preordered) and I called T-mobile a couple of weeks ago and asked them when my contract matured to the point that I could qualify for the full upgrade and the rep told me July 19, 2010. So it looks like I'm getting the Vibrant subsidized

    • Brad

      T-Mobile has a tiered upgrade plan…it wont be as cheap as it would if I waited another nine months…but it wont be full price.

  • Sam

    I got my G1 In September of 2008? I am sure.

  • plainbrad

    The Vibrant is the one with the keyboard, right? Oh, it's not …
    But it has the front facing camera like the Galaxy S, right? Oh, it doesn't …
    But it has – oh, nevermind. I cannot take more disappointment. Why does T-mob get stripped down version of the Galaxy S?

    • 007

      Well said……

  • loyalcust

    looking forward to this phone….plus who cares about a front facing camera its a luxury i personally don't need the hummingbird processor will make up for it

    • XLintLuvr

      Ummm…video conferencing?

  • Jim McP

    I'll still wait to see what happens by the end of the year. Dual Core?? Ginger Bread?? Some great rumors. I probably choose something by Thanksgiving

  • Why or why no flash on the camera??? I can live without the keyboard but after a year with my G1, I don't want another useless indoors camera. I miss too many great moments with my kids.

    Sprint got all the good stuff on their version!


  • just order.
    realy love it..

  • scott

    going to be going to store on that day and see for myself if worth the hype or see Tmobile can do pre order and get it shipped to me.

  • I would love to have the Vibrant, but since my upgrade period doesn’t come to November, I think I’ll end up with the Charm due to cost. My G1 has started turning itself off when it has to do hard stuff like GPS. 🙁

    I am disappointed that while T-Mobile had the first Android phone, everyone else has better ones!!

    • Jake

      I had the same problem. Just replace the battery. You can get a new one for about $10 plus shipping.

  • Joe

    No getting a phone with no flash and no front facing cam this HTC vision which is coming soon sounds way better….

  • DeE

    Who cares about front facing camera or qwerty keyboard??? I mean people really, if don't want the phone don't get it, it's very simple. This phone is going to be awesome regardless, I think the video phone conferencing is cool but something I'm not the least interested in. As for the qwerty keyboard the phone I currently have, the original mytouch doesn't have one, so I could care less. If you phone doesn't have one, and you want one, then go and get one and stop complaining. I mean does your current phone have, a 1ghz processor? Does it have a super AMOLED capacity touch screen? Has you current phone either outperformed or held it ground against the Iphone4, Evo, Droid Incredible, Nexus One or Droid X? If not then you really need to shut your trap, and either wait for the rumored HTC vision, or leave T Mobile and get another damn phone….Period!!!

  • like this :p

  • Jeremy

    I just ordered mine today! I'm looking forward to it. Looks like a great phone.

  • Galaxy500

    While I had my G1, i would see newer android phones come and go.. Each one getting better than the last one. Some with a qwerty, some without. I do a lot of texting and tried out the iphone and other on screen keyboard phones. One thing I used to say.. if it doesn't have a qwerty keyboard, then I don't want it.. but after just a day with the Vibrant, i couldn't put it down and I love it. I say it's the best phone, not just in the world, in the Galaxy! Trust me, you don't really miss the qwerty keyboard, since the phone comes with swype installed and activated. It took me all of 2 seconds to get the hang of it. And the speed of the phone of course blows my G1 away. And for all those that say it doesn't have a flash, it truly doesn't need one. I have taken pictures indoors with no flash that look great. Even night time pictures come out better than some phones with a flash when you use the night mode of the camera. I was about to get the myTouch Slide, but I heard about the Galaxy and waited a bit longer. I'm glad I waited for the Galaxy! Best phone in the Galaxy!

  • jull

    I’m just curious, it looked like this phone had a slide out keyboard. am i wrong?