TextOne Announced for Android

ProcessOne recently announced that TextOne is now available in the Android Marketplace for download.  TextOne is a free, cross platform messaging service that provides users an alternative to typical SMS texting.  TextOne’s best features, are it’s free, it allows for group messaging, and it utilizes the device’s wifi or data connection so there is no reason to provide a phone number.  Simply create a username, find a friend, and text to your heart’s content.  If you’re lacking in the friend department, you can even text “processone” to try out the service.

For those wondering if TextOne is a true SMS replacement, it currently only supports the Android and iOS platforms, but Symbian and Blackberry are promised in the “near future” .

Is anybody thinking of giving this a whirl?

Image Source: Androlib

  • DThor

    Hmm. I wonder why? I never used SMS since there's gchat, which has a similarly, arguably less restricted cross-platform implementation. I figured SMS works since it's inherent to cell phones – you have one, you can use it(at a stupid cost, btw 😉 ). I guess this would have to be ubiquitous to be useful…


  • tommy

    how does this differ from gtalk which is also a cross platform technology?

    • Good point….seems pretty useless to me. I'll stick with google talk

    • natinha

      international texting

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