AT&T Desire a Possibility

All of you AT&T customers that have been sitting like vegetables all summer staring into space, hoping against hope that a Droid X-like phone will magically make one of its landings on your carrier have reason to rejoice. According to Engadget, a phone just hit the FCC that is quite possibly the HTC Desire preparing for its North American launch.

The Desire, which will probably be renamed something similarly stimulating, will definitely make apple nerds “hot for teacher”. It is expected to be packing a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and HTC sense with 2.1. The rumor also slates it for a nice Q3 Froyo upgrade. Listen…can’t you hear the EVO customers boiling with rage? I can, because I am one of them. Besides AT&T, Bell, Telus, and Rogers are all possible candidates for this Desirable phone. That was called a pun kids, ask your grandparents about them. The Desire could definitely help raise AT&T‘s meager Android customer base.

We all know the real reason AT&T is looking at the Desire…AndroidGuys recently gave them a D- in their quarterly report card.

  • AT&T could certainly do much worse than this. Despite being out for over 3 months in the UK and the rest of Europe as well as other parts of the world this is probably still the flagship Android phone and still selling like hot cakes. Will be interesting to see whether it can be kept in stock though – in the UK the Desire is still sold out at many retailers (although I understand this is a problem with all HTC phones, certainly the other big selling (in the UK) Android HTC phone, the Wildfire, has sold out)

  • how can you publish in wma? complete hippocricacy?

  • salimmk

    Have fun using it on AT&Ts overpriced 2GB data plan. Count me out.

  • Randall Stephenson

    Any smart person knows that AT&T has more voice coverage than anyone else. Reception problems in AT&T coverage areas are all related to phone hardware and software problems, not network problems. GSM and HSPA are significantly more advanced than what Verizon and Sprint are using for their 2G/3G networks. While data coverage may be lacking for the moment, areas that have 3G service have simultaneous voice and data on AT&T, something you can't get on Verizon, Sprint and Cricket. Also, AT&T has the second fastest 3G data network next to T-Mobile (which is even faster than WiMAX). Since I still have the unlimited data plan this is the one reason I won't be switching from AT&T anytime soon.

    • Cash

      I have to aggree Randall. AT&T over the last year has really upgraded their voice coverage… Camping places that I never had coverage before now have coverage this year… Nothing like being sound asleep in a tent and your phone going off in the middle of the night…. With AT&T I have never had a droped call or not able to access data on my phone and since I dont own an iPhone 4 I can hold my phone any way I want too! (sorry had to say). As much as I want an HTC (prefer the Desire with LED flash) I think the Captivate has locked me in.

  • Why would someone buy this over the Captivate?

    • The Captivate has better hardware specs, but the Desire just looks nicer, it has hardware buttons, an LED flash and Sense UI, which as far as i've seen is much nicer than TouchWiz.

  • How long the AT&T user will wait.

  • How long the AT&T user will wait for it man ? 🙂

  • nice info..
    another movement from HTC..

  • Randy

    TELUS is already confirmed to be offering the HTC Desire in Canada very soon, likely before the end of July. Employee training on it has already been documented.

  • oky

    AT&T, ilove it

  • HTC Desire is a great phone. I love AT&T

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