Beware Russian-Based Android Rumors

While the ink is barely dry on the articles regarding the Samsung Galaxy S launch, rumors have already surfaced about its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9200).  The internet is bursting at the seams with obvious skepticism and Briefmobile has made a pretty convincing argument as to why we shouldn’t believe a word of this stuff.  The highlights include the unusually high processor speed of 2Ghz, the screen resolution, the naming convention, and most obviously, the picture.  Finally, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction because of the language barrier.  Is the i9200 real? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t get excited about buying it just yet.

Does anyone believe the hype?  Or will all the skeptics eat their words come Q1 2011?

  • Martin

    while I do not believe in a 2GHz phone this year I very much do believe that the galaxy s successor is going to be a great piece of tech. a friend of mine who works for samsung told me not to buy the galaxy s (~ “it’s no good”) and better wait for it’s successor. she’s in marketing so of course she’s not a tech geek but I suppose she still got some more info than we average geeks do…

  • Joe

    Not 2GHz, but dual core 1MHz based on ARM cortex-A9 is possible.

  • TareX

    I bought into the rumor… but yeah it does sound and look FAKE.

  • that's a fake

  • Well, the source ( have no mentions of this phone, screen resolution is crazy, and this image is awfully photoshoped.

  • Spencer

    I think its possible

  • Ash

    It looks lovely and so I'll have a fake please!