Game On! 21 Droid X Vouchers Hidden Across United States

The official Droid X twitter (@DroidLanding) game is underway.  Verizon and Motorola have hidden 21 Droid X vouchers around the United States and is slowly leaking out information as to where to find them.  Throughout the day, the DroidLanding account tweets out random clues as to where specific devices are placed.  For instance, a recent tweet of “Droid designate #10 is here. City, we have a problem. Finding it.” teases us with a Houston Droid X.  As time goes, the hints will become more obvious, leading up to the final days.

According to the rules, the exact GPS coordinates for each phone will be given on the final messages.  Once tweeted, players have a total of four hours to hunt down and locate their respective Droid X.  With over 15,000 followers you can bet your local phone will have a few people in the race.  My suggestion is to pack a bag and have it ready to roll so you can hit the road the second word comes down.  I know I will be.  I was, after all, the first follower!

  • I will be interested to follow how this plays out with these hidden Droid slips. I hope this does not lead to any problems if by chance some people show up at the same time where the Droid slips are located. If there is one by where I live I will certainly be on the lookout, hope they hid one(or more) in Miami!

  • android still a new comer, and i hope there's not many problem

  • dragonithe

    Oh please let there be one hidden In hawaii!

  • rva

    There is one in hawaii.. you got lucky.

    • dragonithe

      That is awsome!

      But.. what Is the number of the landing on hawaii?

  • = Bender =

    D'oh! I arrived 4 minutes late for the Philly Droid. If only I hadn't stopped for that frozen yogurt on the way. Mmmmmm….. Froyo….

  • eka

    it’s cool

  • that awesome