Update: The EVO’s 30FPS Limitation is an Incurable Hardware Restriction


After publishing a story yesterday on the pesky frame rate issue that is plaguing the HTC EVO, I was informed by the individual at HTC who originally provided me with the information for yesterday’s article that my story was not entirely correct.

The 30FPS restriction on the HTC EVO is, in fact, a hardware limitation that “is a result of how the device [was] architected in order to support a screen and an HDMI output. This is not something that can be reworked by any sort of software [update].”

Well, boys and girls, there you have it. The HTC EVO 4G, HTC’s flagship Android device, is limited to 30FPS due to the inclusion of an infrequently used HDMI port.

Unless you root.


    • I am aware, but this is news from a high-ranking HTC source. What the individuals at XDA have done to the phone may over-work, and subsequently damage the processor.

  1. Wrong. Htc is right, this is a hardware issue… If you want hdmi to work well, your screen will be capped at 30fps. Mine is running smooth at 45fps now, it is not a screen issue. It also hasNOTHING to do with your PROCESSOR, how could any screen timing mess up your processor? I an ashamed of you android guys, how is this news? It's the same exact story htc has been giving all along! You think a higher up had more info? He just has to play it more politically! The hardware can run smoother…. Thanks for wasting my time… Unfollowed.

    • HTC has been giving conflicting information. A week ago, I received an email from HTC that said the following: "We are investigating the viability of claims that the limitation of 30fps can be overcome by software changes. As soon as we finish our investigations, HTC will announce its findings."

      Last evening, I received information from a different source at HTC, which lead to the above article.

  2. My formal logic is a bit rusty, but isn't this article a bit of a contradiction?

    Premise A. EVO’s 30FPS Limitation is an Incurable Hardware Restriction
    Premise B. The HTC EVO 4G,is limited to 30FPS … Unless you root.
    Known: Rooting the device is purely a software process.

    Since rooting the device involves no hardware changes (it's all software), either premise A or B is incorrect. If rooting gets you above 30fps, then the limit is not an incurable hardware restriction. If the 30fps cap is incurable in hardware, rooting won't work.

    Or is some text missing in the article?

  3. Hacks and mods aside, it'll be interesting to see if other phones, like the Droid X, that will have an HDMI port will suffer the same fate. I know that's a Moto phone, so I'm curious to see if Moto can get it right.. still providing 26/30fps through the HDMI port and 60+ on the screen itself. If so, then HTC needs to get it together.

  4. Not sure what HTC is talking about. It IS possible to have a higher than 30fps frame rate on phones that have an HDMI port and a single core 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Just what kind of other hardware did HTC use in the EVO?

  5. I have been a Sprint customer for 10 years. I was ready to make the plunge to a smart phone and data plan and was axiously awaiting the EVO. I have been following this issue because it is VERY important one to me. I am quite upset that Sprint is hyping this phone as all powerful and charging $10 per month extra to own it and HTC has needlessly HOBBLED it so that it performs worse than a Hero. As such I will NOT be buying this phone. And I am telling all my Sprint friends to not purchase it either.

    I am now anxiously awaiting the Samsung Epic 4G.

    • It's really not as bad as you seem to make it out. I agree the Evo has its imperfections, but it still is a solid phone worthy of consideration.

    • Dude, my parents both have a hero, and it cannot keep up with my EVO. Just scrolling through apps and web pages is much smoother and faster on my EVO, not to mention all of the other benefits. It might be "HOBBLED", but it certainly isn't as slow as a Hero.

  6. That is complete B.S. i have my evo rooted with a custom kernal and get 45 fps and my hdmi out works perfect. This is why the Evo is my last HTC product.

  7. This really pisses me off. If XDA can fix it, then HTC can fix it. I shouldn’t have to root a flagship Android device to get proper fps. That’s absurd. Fuck you HTC.