Android Gains Market Share While All Others Lose It


Over the last three months, all of the major mobile platforms lost share to Google Android.  Although still in fourth place, Android increased by four percentage points from February to May, whereas Android’s number one competitor, Apple decreased one point.  (Although, it should be noted that this information was gathered prior to the iPhone 4 release.)

According to ComScore, over 49 million people in the US own smartphones, which is up 8.1% from three months prior.  Check out to get the full story.

Now with the iPhone 4 out, and FroYo getting sent out on a more regular basis, it should be interesting to see how the numbers look in the next few months.  What are your thoughts and predictions for the months ahead?  Do you think that Microsoft is going to continue to drop fast? (Having lost the most points from the previous period.)  Did adding AppWorld help RIM lose less market share?  Let us know what you think!


  1. Rim is surprising. Apple is going to go up, and Android will be on top by 2011-2012. I think Android will be third next month, and almost next to Apple by Spring next year.

  2. Its a shame that we have to wait 3 months for the next summary. I'm very interested to see how Apple changes. Are they converting many new customers when they release an iPhone update or are they just selling upgrades to people with old iPhones? [PCWorld reported "Seventy-seven percent of iPhone customers in line at Apple Stores on Thursday were repeat iPhone users"]

  3. The shear fact that every carrier is looking to boost their smartphone line-up is in Android's favor. With every carrier and manufacturer making more and more android devices (while iPhone and RIM are limited to their single manufacturers) it is truly inevitable that Android will rest at the top of market share. The only question is how long does that take.

  4. The unstoppable Android Army is taking over the world! Soon even the Republic of Steve Jobs will be unable to resist!

    Then, if we all get Bluetooth earpieces for our Android smartphones, we can look like the world in that Dr. Who episode where the Cybermen are created — yes, the Android icon looks like a ‘chibi’ form of the Cybermen;)