Update Hitting the Motorola Backflip (Not That One)

Motorola has released instructions for updating the Motorola Backflip (no, it’s not 2.1, just a software update) on their site. This update is meant to improve AT&T‘s Blur-packing device in the following areas:

  • Text messaging
  • Display
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Network Connections
  • Android Market performance
  • Stability
  • Battery Life
  • Video and Audio Streaming
  • Size Restrictions for Ringtones

Hopefully, this will greatly improve the Backflip and make it better (because we all know it can’t get much worse) in terms of usability and performance. The update, which is being hailed as the BackFlip 13.37 software, has no release date, but it is scheduled to go out OTA. Moto hasn’t changed its plans to update the Backflip to 2.1, but that’ll come a little later in the year.

Are you excited about this update to the Backflip’s software? At all?  Bueller?

  • cool man, thank you 🙂

  • ajaegermeister

    And I thought the Cliq and CliqXT users were getting screwed with updates. It looks like the Motorola Backflip is even further behind.

  • it's cooooool….

  • nice info

  • sam

    when will it come out do you all know

  • I have the Backflip and I downloaded the update yesterday. Hope that helps.

    • ian

      whats the link to get the update?

  • mike

    yes all updates are excepted!! 😉