Android Market Will Hit 100,000 Apps This Month

Accumulated number of Application and Games in the Market

The graph speaks for itself. According to Android Market web interface, the Android Market now offers users more than 90,000 apps, and is on pace to end the month in six figures. It will reach this milestone several months shy of its second birthday. A year ago, the number was under 10,000.

We’ll keep an eye on the numbers and let you know when we get there. And while, of course, not every app is great, as the pie gets bigger, so does the slice that represents quality software.



  1. To everyone that says that there is alot of veal in the market, I agree.
    But, let's say that 99% crap. That would still mean that there are a,1.000 of high quality apps.
    And even whit apps2sd you don't put so many apps on your phone.

  2. I would love for someone to create an app that will allow the sending and receiving of faxes. I understand there are technological and developmental complications but whomever figures this out will become rich overnight.

  3. It only takes a few killer apps to make a big difference. Once we finally get Flash (ugh come on already!) Android will get tons of games, developers and a much better web experience.
    100k is just an indicator of how effective Android is in attracting developers. They have the freedom but it is up to them to come up with something cool.

  4. I saw a few really good music theory training apps for kids for iPHone … there is nothing alike for Android 🙁 it wouldn't make the most popular app, but it'll take attract a lot of teens in school to practice your notes, intervals etc..

  5. Yeah most of the apps realy suck. I some times wish I would have waited for the iphone to come out for Verizon which is near january 2011 but I kind of like how my droid x looks better. I just don’t like some of the apps. Why does there need to be like 20 of the same concept apps? Like gun apps. Think their should only be about 1,2, or 3 of the same concept apps. And I also think the android market should only launch the vest apps. Not the junk ones that are just useless. I also think they should look better and look less plain
    One of the only apps that I like that is well ploted, and thaught out is angry birds. I also like it because of. Its controlls and just the way it looks. So if your some body who is making apps for the andoid marker, stop making junk!

  6. […] One of the growing trends in social media, according to, is the development of mobile applications that will take the place of the myriad of loyalty cards that currently prevent your wallet from closing. And now that I think about it, it’s kind of surprising that no one has come up with this before, particularly given that the number of apps keeps growing exponentially; Android, alone has added roughly 80,000 apps in a single year. […]

  7. On the plus side, ANYONE can make and release an app for the android market. It’s not limited in the same way as others. Yes, this means there will be junk apps out there, but it also means there will be way more variety coming out; and as android continues to grow, there will be more and more amazing apps coming out. If you know what you are looking for (for example a to-do list app) and search for that, you don’t end up with all the junk apps showing up. And checking the reviews can give you a good idea if it’s worth downloading or not.