New CEIVA Snap for Android App

CEIVA Logic, Inc announced earlier this week that they have released an application to the Android Market that will allow users to send photos over-the-air from their mobile device to any CEIVA-connected photo frame.  The application is called CEIVA Snap and since CEIVA invented connected digital photo frames, we’re sure this app will be a winner.  Additional features allow users to view and store their photos on their devices all while on the go from anywhere.

Does anyone who has a CEIVA photo frame going to give this a try?

  • I have a Ceiva picture frame and I want to try this out. Actually we have one, the father-in-law and the mother-in-law have one also. My wife did some product reviews for Ceiva. The frames are really nice and work better than other store bought digital frames. There is a service that they offer that sends photos to the frames daily. As well as other cool stuff like weather, quotes, horoscope (all optional of course).

    • Ernest

      Is a subscription required to send pictures to a photo frame? I think something like this would be great for my mother in law. Any time we take pictures of the kids we can send them straight to her picture frame. However, if a monthly or yearly fee is required that would kill the idea for me.

      • It is a subscription service. But when you buy a frame (around $100). You get a years worth of service free.

  • Gibeon

    This sounds like an awesome new opportunity for photo(frame) bombing. 🙂

  • 'wow, cool nice tool 🙂

  • eka

    it’s cool

  • kerennn

  • nice aplication, i will try it

  • CEIVA Snap, this one is really looking just amazing application. And as with the help of this application, we can easily send photos from our mobile set to this photo frame. And this one is really one of the best unique feature in this digital photo framing.

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