ChumpDump, the Twitter Unfollow Game

A hilarious new game was released this week for the Android platform.  Anyone who is on Twitter can relate to the concept of Chumpdump.  Chumpdump works around the idea that you have an unnecessary amount of followers and tweets by “chumps”.  The premise of the game…get rid of them and earn vouchers for more playing time.  A paid version is also available that lets you dump the chumps without restriction!  It should be noted however, that the paid version seems to be limited to Android 2.1 and above.

Is anyone going to try Chumpdump?

Image Source: Appbrain

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  1. ChumpDump
    July 10, 20:24 Reply

    Hey, I am one of Chump Dump's creators. You can buy vouchers on iPhone for $1.00 per 100.

    Thanks for the FANTASTICAL review guys!

  2. @madhatter7zero
    July 12, 21:07 Reply

    Um I don't think I need to pay to play a game to dump somebody on twitter. If I no longer want to follow someone, I just unfollow them. Quick and simple.

    • Brian
      July 24, 17:29 Reply

      ah, but games are fun, everyone loves games

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