Froyo-based Cyanogenmod 6 Feature Walkthrough

Teamdouche is a well-oiled machine and is putting the finishing touches on their latest iteration of Cyanogenmod!  As we reported recently, members of the Cyanogenmod community have been hard at work on CM6.0 and now persiansown has posted a Youtube video to take a walk through some of what CM6.0 has to offer.  He covers the extensive additions to ADW launcher, a dedicated menu for CM6.0 customizations, an updated music application, and many other tweaks that make Cyanogenmod one of the most popular custom ROMs.  I can’t wait to run CM6.0 and let my G1 feast on some Froyo goodness.  Hit the video for all the details and a prediction about when we can expect CM6.0 to drop.

Is anyone else going to flash this the instant it comes out?


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  1. @TFJ4
    July 10, 15:35 Reply

    I already have it flashed haha… nighty's for the win

  2. ambarish
    July 10, 16:21 Reply

    Come on! There was no prediction of when it would be out. All he says is soon :-(

  3. Mark Powell
    July 10, 17:22 Reply

    I've been flashing CM6 for the last couple days. CM6 is available through Rom Manager under experimental nightly's. I gottten a chance to taste some Cyanogen goodness. Some really incredible features. Experimental the nightly's are. After loading with cache wiped, I loaded the apps I wanted for testing. I went through all the settings and checked out the 800Mhz kernel with Quadrant. In the end each nightly would suddenly lose Root/Superuser Permissions and I could no longer get any rooted app to work. I couldn't even get into Recovery. I ended up having to use RSDLite and re-flash recovery. Would love to know how to follow the build releases so I could better understand what changes the nightly''s are making. So anyway It definitely will be soon they look like they are very close to releasing IMHO.

  4. Reaper
    July 10, 20:34 Reply

    Yea, I all ready have it flashed aswell

  5. @Gautch
    July 11, 17:07 Reply

    So this ROM is supposed to run on the G1?

  6. xtin
    December 27, 09:49 Reply

    good, i’ll share it…

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