October 24, 2014

Froyo-based Cyanogenmod 6 Feature Walkthrough

Teamdouche is a well-oiled machine and is putting the finishing touches on their latest iteration of Cyanogenmod!  As we reported recently, members of the Cyanogenmod community have been hard at work on CM6.0 and now persiansown has posted a Youtube video to take a walk through some of what CM6.0 has to offer.  He covers the extensive additions to ADW launcher, a dedicated menu for CM6.0 customizations, an updated music application, and many other tweaks that make Cyanogenmod one of the most popular custom ROMs.  I can’t wait to run CM6.0 and let my G1 feast on some Froyo goodness.  Hit the video for all the details and a prediction about when we can expect CM6.0 to drop.

Is anyone else going to flash this the instant it comes out?