February 27, 2015

Gameloft Getting Better at DRM

According to a happy Gameloft customer’s blog, they recently updated their digital rights management (DRM).  We have covered Gameloft’s antics in the past, but this blog post by David Loft praises Gameloft’s new stance on DRM and offers a little explanation taken straight from an email by Gameloft.  In short, the email summarizes how each game is tied to a specific device and not to a specific user, therefore making the game not transferable to another device.  Since Loft is upgrading to a new device, Gameloft simply sent him a new copy of the app he wanted.  Isolated incident or great customer service?

I don’t have any Gameloft game experience myself, but please feel free to sound off in the comments about your experiences with Gameloft.

Thanks to David Loft for the heads up.

Source: Letters from Dave

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  1. @jcenters

    Here's a wacky idea…put them on the Android Market. Oh, wait, that would entail refunds, automatic activation on new devices, and various other things that don't jerk customers around.

  2. theweakend

    In all honest I don't buy mobile games with drm because there's so many places they could f*ck up. Treat your customers like they are going to pirate your software and they simply won't buy it from you. Hasn't this been proven, like with science?

  3. @willpittman

    I use different android phones at different times depending on needs for battery life and chance they'll get dropped in the water etc. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops when using multiple phones.

  4. StephenWM

    To be fair, i had an iPhone for a short while and the gameloft games were some of the best followed by EA's range so it would be nothing but good for Android on the gaming side if they came across (we'll need to all wait for save to SD however because their games are pretty big). It's absolute pish that they have DRM though.

  5. Rob Allen

    Gameloft needs to get it together. I already feel played by samsung, lying about the 2.x update on the behold 2 to only get 1.6. My phone can play 3d games but Gameloft won’t allow me to play THEIR games!!!!!


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